New Tower boost ideas/Suggestion

Skull Machine Gun Tower:

fires pellet size skulls x2 faster rate making alot more damage and harder to juggle skull heads.


Green venom

Poison x2 damage, when destroyed, depending on tower lvl, spell toxic clouds appear covering path for 5sec.

Or when destroyed orges appear, defence tip to; use elite boost orges when summon, (war boost and elite)


what do you guys think?

+1 for venom but skull towers are too nasty as it is now.

-1 I actually think towers are ok like this and these suggestions are overpowered.

Too much overpowered the first

For the second, do we really need a boost for toxic cloud ? XD


I particularly like the toxic spell after a snake tower is destroyed.

It’s fun to see you say that as you before stated that you’re really tired of after-death effects  :stuck_out_tongue:

Good suggestion. Nothing appears when snake is destroyed.

And how make arrow towers boost more attractive? None of top teams is using arrow towers boosts. Probably you could increase healing effect…

Well i did mention an 2nd option of snake tower is destroyed l, orges emerges, green and green go hand in hand. Haha

They should add a extra set of tower boosts that cost gems to activate and per player instead of alliance.

So the top alliances would have to force their members to spend gems to have a good defense and it would make room for some new fun :slight_smile:

-1 overpowered