New Tower - Lion Cage

A lion in a cage. When the cage is neared the door springs open and out comes the lion.
Tower has no health etc., instead its only viable stat is the range of triggering the door open.
Range - 1

Levelling up the tower makes the lion stronger.
Health - Starts at 9,000 maxes at 20,000
Damage - Starts at 1,000 maxes at 3,000
Attack Rate - 2
Range - 1.20
Speed - 3
Resistance to blunt - 50%
Weakness to piercing - 200%
Weakness to fire - 100%
Is affected by battle cry and can be healed.


  1. Increases Health of lion
  2. Increases Range of triggering the door open Winds up at around 2.2
  3. Lowers fire weakness

Grants further health bonus
Level six special -“Frightening Roar” 20% of intimidation