New Tower: Stun Tower

This Tower will have the ability to stun enemies every 5 seconds (as the Stunning Ogre and Mummy do). It also will deal Blunt Damage every 5 seconds with the Stun.

This is pretty much exactly the shock tower.

Lightning Tower does already that ability of stunning troops plus that blunt damage every 5 sec you are referring can be associated as the lightning damage of the lightning tower.

I think the lightning tower should either do more damage or have a few more charges though. They really aren’t scary at all unless boosted. In which case they still aren’t that scary…

Max boosted LTs are scary :stuck_out_tongue:  

Max boosted plus forged LTs are indeed very scary. With long range (6.5) they can be deadly when you face several of them at once.

I face them at wars, so I know 6 LTs waiting to zap you to death at the corner  

Only way to escape is having long ranged firestorm ready and hope for the best that the panda will save your but.

Actually Wolf can deactivate many charges, if you use it as bait. Or even pushing a couple of ogres while 1 gets to stun a few of them  :grinning:  

Also tc + perked fs, can take out all the LTs and some may not even get a shot. :grinning:  

I see lol, I forgot that the Lightning Tower had stun on it.

Oh, and by the way, hey Pellez, love your Youtube videos

After joining a higher level alliance with stronger opponents… I agree with this now! Maxed and boosted LTs… Nope!

oof, this was my first ever post on the forums…lol, I was such a noooob

And for what purpose you did respond in this old topic?

have you responded*

Perhaps he wanted to bump it

Sure he bumped it just for that particular reason, looking for attention.

Nope, just looking back on the old times. Just bringing this up also for those who say I’m “spamming” with the way I talk now…now they can see the way I was when I was first in the forums. Gosh, and I’m sorry if responding to this topic offended you Dena 

Triggered much? Chill bro. Even though I kinda agree that necroing the thread is pointless unless… unless there’s a point I guess. Which there doesn’t seem to be

I think, one of the Devs or Mods should just get rid of this topic, cause it really served no mean when it was first made and it doesn’t now