New troll, Limited Gasper amount, another B*****day surprise

so now they limited the gasper amount after rich players already bought enough gaspers to make it max
which will be totally unfair for rest of the people who need yet to buy
how FG is going to compensate?
enough birthday surprises already, just skip it

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Oh complainers again.
Poor player has chance to get 1-2 gaspar max
You can have 3 now

And stop to be so agressive and ask for compensation everythere

Really what a point to complaint? As for me, Gaspar shouldnt be free for all players. I want it should be buy only

I agree with cr1
Rich or poor had same time to buy.

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its not for rich or poor, even i am poor but i could have bought 5 but i was waiting for more 2 days to buy them on last day but now i can only buy 3, they didnt warn us? why i cant get 5?

If you have an ability you should use it immidiatly
None asked you to wait till end.
Mostly its not real complaint.
You complain for the complain

Also you got one extraday when you raided at another festival.

Also i doubt you can raid 11k points for 5 days.
So no need drama here

And yes you cant level up 5 gaspars
1,2,3 you need 6.

Only question here is: why did they first make it unlimited, and then all of a sudden limit it…
it should be unlimited, or limited from the start… so ridiculous to change that half way in the festival

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If they want to limit. They can very easy track down and take away from everyone who bought too much (since 3 is what was supposed to be the max). Just give everyone their overspent festivalcoins back :wink:

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why should i buy it instantly when there were 2 more days left? did they put that on festival banner? NO
ofcourse i have a reason of complaining to limit something which was unlimited before in the mid of festival, i have a ability to buy additional festival chests but i needed 2 more for making enough gifts to for 5 gasper
the one who is creating drama here is YOU, i know you are specialized for it as if it was on discord,FB or on forums, just always defending FG even not making sense at all

agreed, if they do that, i will be totally fine

It will be funny :rofl::rofl:

Im not always defending FG.
I just adult and knows how life is going on

I like this game and want it will be better.
And check yourself

You doing strange complaints cuz you ll get 3 gaspar instead of 5

You didnt say THANK you to flare cuz you get an opportunity to have a gaspar.
Not, you complaint cuz you wanted 5 and will get 3

Boring man, just boring to see all this stuff everytime

You guys are always not happy

Relax guys, Gaspar is still super duper useless. Let the rich guys have max level Gaspar. I assure you they are still going to use their Donkey and Trusty and Sultan.

I had max even before an event

Never ever used this gaspar

Trusty level 8 is enough

But for sure guys with 5 gaspars would be awesome more happy!

its not strange like i said i can buy additional festival chests to make enough gifts for 5 gaspers but was waiting to open chests till last day , its Simple
but now i can only buy 3 which is sad but unfair, i should have bought them yesterday already, and now i can only regret

i ve been using my lv 2 gasper for an year now, i was totally hyped for this festival but now i can just sit and sad

S…ts happens and you know it.
You had chance you didnt use it and no compensation should be done here

I would say i even dont use guardians.
Its useless unit mostly.

Might be in war only near gate to be safer, but mostly no need

it’s easy to tell which one of you has already bought 21 pcs gasper :joy:

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I do not know why Gaspar was sold indefinitely at all …

you only need 22 pieces for the max level … but many pearls.

Clearly, the pay-to-play players have now max … but who wanted to max it, certainly did not save until the end of the event …

Gasper may please some, but he’s not the super-great Uber Guardian

I have to say it, the error is on the part of Keen developers not thinking about the consequences of the unlimited offer.

As a rarer uber Guardian, he is no longer visible.