New Troop: Banshee

New Troop: _ Banshee _

_ Royal Revolt _ desperately needs a Troop that requires approximately 7 Morale. 

Most of the Troops cost between 1 and 5 Morale, and the rest of the Troops cost between 10 and 16 Morale, leaving an odd gap that sometimes makes it difficult filling defensive waves. 

I address this whole topic in the following post, and I suggest several possible new Troops.

But today I thought of a new one the _ Banshee _, and I loved it so much I had to create a unique post just for it!

The Banshee (as in the legends) is a spirit/ghost.  So it flies/hovers like the Gargoyle.  And just like in the legends it’s shrieks makes the enemies panic. 

But this is where it’s completely different from the Werewolf.  It does not boost your other units.  It only causes panic in the enemies.  Also it doesn’t shriek when it encounters enemy troops it shrieks when taking damage.  And because it moves like a Gargoyle it is intend to hop the lanes and kamikaze into the group of enemy archers, letting out it’s shriek, and breaking up the archers long enough for a handful of melee troops to slink by unscathed.  Or allowing your ranged troops to retake position. 

So on offense a player would wait until his Morale filled all the way up then spawn a Banshee and an Ogre so the the Banshee can scare away the archers allowing the Ogre to rush by and catch up to the king without taking too much archer fire.

On defense the use would be similar, putting the Banshee in with a group of melee Troops to allow the Banshee to scare away any offensive archers/ranged units. 

Also I haven’t done the balancing but I think the Banshee should always shriek on it’s death and first damage.  Again different from the Werewolf.  Because there shriek is about taking damage not reaching the opponent.  And the Banshee scream should not boost your troops it only causes panic in the enemies. 


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I would like your post but I seem to have exceeded the amount of reactions for today.


You made a good suggestion here, I like it.

It seems to fill the morale gap quite nicely while adding new dynamics to raiding in both offense and defense.

Thanks, @Maestro!

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Now back to the topic. Really great idea but I fear it would need a bit of a buff. It seems quite weak to me, perhaps the sudden scream takes off some damage

I agree, the Banshee should definitely do some damage.

We will discuss this as well, thanks for suggesting ^^

Glad you liked it!

I dig this idea. 

I have been thinking they need more female units for female Heroes/players. I had a similar design for Banshee but for 3 like Paladins cause I was thinking something like Fairies for 1, kind of like Knights. But I didnt think much more about it. 


Cool concept man

I strongly believe we need a unit between 5 Morale and 10 Morale.  It’s crazy that we have: 9 Troops below 5 Morale.  And 6 Troops above 10 Morale!  And nothing in between!

Fairies or elfs for a future unit sound interesting 

In Olmypus Rising I give to the developper to help them to choose what will be the next unit to add in the game. the entire list of Heroes Might and Magic III units. I hope they will chose my idea and add the Titan for the next troop. They add Grffin,hydra,Archer,Phoenix,Medusa,etc… from this game

So here I will help the RR2 team and give King Bounty List to help them make a choice :

they cna check each categories : Dwarf,Demon,Elf,Human what they can add in RR2 game

Why not a Leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day!!

That’s cool!

The Robber Troop would be AWESOME!! Get’s you more gold per attack!

I think Leprechauns would be better for a Ninja event alternate like Zombies albeit Leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day?

Then you get a week of great gold raiding!

And they can make the Portals have a rainbow glow to them! 

(It’s all coming together!)


Very cool ideas!


@FTB @flaretara 

I’ve had my fingers crossed for this.  Or a real update for a while!  ?

I’m really hoping to see the Banshee in Royal Revolt #5!

Banshees r a cool idea but I d rather see them curse troops or cast small area black magic or insta-kill troops or steal their souls and do something with it (I m open to recommendations), what I mean is that I d rather see them do something spooky and dark rather than just stun. I think the group stun or group slow skill should go to mortars it d make them A LOT cooler.