New Troop: Golem

I was thinking about a new Troop - the Golem. 

For 20 Points you get a slow Tank, who is unable to attack but has Tons of HP and takes the Fire on him. It keeps right going straight to the Gate or Tent and when it is not killed first, it destroys either Gate or Tent with a single Attack.

What do you think, Fighters?

So u play clash royale…but a nice idea

I think it’s better not to add the 3rd straight CoC troop into RR2 :grinning:  

Necromancer - Witch (They literally have the exact same ability)

Viking - Barbarian (They only look a little similar, but the idea is the same)

Golem - Golem…that’s all I can say  


Oh, I never played CoC before. 

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have this in the game. But flare just needs to be a bit careful about copying games

Well, the Golem is religious Figure and not a Creation of Clash of Clans. gg

Necromancer is the Witch I pointed that out ages ago.

But I see no significant similarity between the Viking and the Barbarian.

Albeit you are absolutely correct: This idea for the Golem is a carbon copy from Clan.