New Troop : Gorgon

Well I guess most of you would have understand what I am talking about.          And those three names are of that troop, and only one could be applied by creators.                                                          _You can search about _Gorgon in Google.

Now lets talk about the Troop:-

Morale Points:  b/w 13-18   HP:  b/w 10K - 15K (at lvl 1)    Range: 1.20 -1.30(if having Normal damage) or 5.80 - 6.20(if having piercing damage)  Speed: b/w  2.10-3.00  Attack Rate:  b/w  0.80-1.00  A** bility Range:  b/w 5.80 - 6.20  Appearence: ** Since this troop is a Female so her breast area could be covered by some warrior type armor of Blue colour(offence) & Red colour(defence).                                     

Powers:  Her general attack can be Either _Piercing _or Normal damage (Optional, depends upon creators, but I want piercing because most of troops have normal attack) but with her general attack there must be Poison damage (Recommended).

Special Ability:  Petrifying(obviously). It could be done by adding a petrifying bar (like Necromancers) or petrifying after a certain interval (like Monks).But her way to petrify a unit should be in a way like The light rays are coming out of her eyes.                              And even she can Intimidate  enemies(like Werewolf does both Battlecry and Fear at same time)

Resistance:   Poison(100%), Ice(25%), Petrify(100%) - just like Necromancer.    Weakness:  Fire(25%-50%), Normal(50%-75%).

Forge:   Some things will be improved itself by levelling up the troop, but still anyway it will be decided by creators.        My Recommendation:  Let there be improvement of Petrifying Chance, Time of Blast after a Unit is Petrified, Health of Petrify Bar of Petrified Unit, Intimidate Time.                                             Well these things can be improved by either levelling up or by forging(depend upon creators).

In-Game Special Abilities:  _         Firstly,  _Since she is a Gorgon so she(after petrifying) can grab any petrified unit all around it (like anacondas do) and can crush it instantly (but only one big unit, if present otherwise anyone, after petrify).                  Secondly,  Cannons must not attack her.   There is no troop that defensive cannons can’t attack. So there should be one troop whom cannons can’t attack & even since their HP, Range are limited and have pyromancer & Normal Damaging units her true enemies so they must be given that chance to survive.

Boosts:  There should not be any Elite/Pro boosts for this troop because I’ve already given her such good abilities but There should be War Seasons Boosts…just for some more of Fun…now that’s a headache to creators…I’m not gonna give details about it unless & untill asked.

Imp Note:  _First of all I would like to clear some of things like   b/w  means  between   and by that I indicate that its a Choice I leave upon Creators.                                   Secondly, I would request Creators try not to make many changes (except for which I have given choices_ ) because I’ve read and known many things about Gorgon so what ever powers, weakness, resistance,etc. I’ve given has logic behind it.  There is big difference in Olyumpus Rising’s Medusa and RR2’s Gorgon because their Medusa has legs & our Gorgon will have tail.

Now I would request you to search and read about Gorgons in Google and/or Wikipedia and see their images.

What I’ve written above will be cleared by this video below & a good obeserver will understand my troop details after seeing this Video.Try to watch in HD.

Here’s a link of her look:

Please Like and Comment about It.            Any Suggestions & Improvements to this topic would be greatly Acknowledged.         


Nice historical reference. 

The Medusa is/was famous for petrifying. 


I don’t think they will add Medusa in RR2. This creature is a Greek mythology so that why you have it in Olympus Rising. About Gorgon probably the same better in OR. Flare cannot copy the units of each of their games. So I don’t think that will happen one day :slightly_frowning_face:  

Well Its a Totaly different thing…not everyone play olympus rising…so It could be some different appearence of this troop in RR2, I mean a better one.

And even this troop in OR is named Medusa but in RR2 it can be Gorgon.

In OR Medusa has legs, so in ours Gorgan should obviously have tail.

What he’s saying, though, is that flare will not make two games with units that are EXACTLY the same. I love your idea, but it won’t happen. Yes, not everyone plays OR and RR2, but flare does, and they know, better than anyone, that you shouldn’t have two games with the exact same unit. Especially when one game is made from Greek Mythology and one that is made from the Middle Ages. The two just don’t come together anywhere


Then I can’t understand that why the creators have made Basilisk Tower and moreover they have given its elite boost name ‘Medusa Gaze’. Which clearly states about Medusa(Gorgon).

Therefore it’s not an Greek period.This troop can be added to RR2.

Because There are some match up towers and troops_ for e.g. Monks & Heal Tower, Lightining Tower & Necromancer, Frost Tower & Frosters, Gargyole Tower & Gargyole, _etc.

So there would be no problem to flares or anyone if this troop is added to RR2.

If they want to introduce Medusa for example in rr2 as a unit, it will be a cutely animated unit, a different style to OR anyway, and the attributes can easily be different. I don’t see why not, it’s not rocket science.

probably they are developing new units, who knows, there are millions of probable new unit entries.

There is a difference between having the EXACT same troop, and having the name of a boost named “Medusa’s Gaze.” Having it be called that is basically a figure of speech. It’s called that because it has a higher chance of petrifying troops