New Troop Sugestion-Healers.(Yes.I posted this again so the dev will see this)

I posted this again so the developers can see this.They are not on the forum on sundays.New troop suggestion-healer.Maybe can attack troop also?What’s your opinion?

Awesome !

+1 :slight_smile:

if they make a healer it should be really weak and deal no damage at all otherwise they might be overpowered because you have healing troops and spells.

Personally I think we have plenty of troops, They just need to create gameplay that uses good versatility of all troops/and towers. If you look at the top 10 it’s just blockades rendering spikes/barricades useless. Firebolts/skulls the rest are trash. They attack with pyro/mortar/cannon. There’s only tiny variations.

Weebo, spikes and snakes are both used in the top ten, especially snakes, pyro mortar and cannon are not the main troops used. Many use mixes of arbs, pyro, mummy and gargs although cannon does get a look in on occasions.

Hell yessss

… would the original suggestion not make the heal spell redundant?

When I see master E using 4 spikes and 4 barricades and 4 blockades then I would consider it balanced.  snakes only cos they got a buff recently still only a couple are used. But no Arrow/frost/bomb/lava/ etc. I cant really comment on the monsters becasue I have not unlocked them to a high enough level. They seem only useful to people with high castle gaurd points which will take me 6-12 months to max them out. Well done flare create a new feature but make it redundant to 90% of people. I love coming against bases with monsters because generally they can only afford 1 in each wave. Don’t get me wrong having a team of gargoyle o’neals dunkin on your ass is never fun.

Thanks for the reply guys! :slight_smile:

Weebo I agree blockages are redundant, best only used in gem trap bases. But that is normal in any war type scenario else we would as a world still be building walls and throwing spears at each other. 77Lot has used a number of spikes, Master E has a few times and HsMk employs them too, but not in huge numbers. Gargoyle towers and frost I agree could do with a buff, but arrow and bomb are really the third world version of Firebolt and Skull and are such redundant after a certain level or unless you are gem trapping. Both mummy and gargs are regularly employed in offense by top players, the cannon, pyro mortar only set up you describe I have not seen in a long while.

I do not think a unit with healing ability is necessary.This unit would mainly only heal and would do no harm.

Would then yield a different unit that brings more likely to use for this unit.


My normal setup in attack is cannon, arbs and mummy.

sometimes pyro (when there many Firebolt Towers) or gargoyles.

I use normaly when i attack top ten between no scroll and one or two time scroll.

The hardest base for me at this time in Top 10 ist Drum´s, on his base i need sometimes more.


Traps are very useles. The most powerfull Towers are Firebolt, Skull and Snake.

The snaketower is for the hero very dangerous and cost sometime his life or a few seconds for heal  :slightly_frowning_face:


So your only basis is mastere? Some top players are using spikes and snakes are lethal. Lol what level or rank are you anyways… I only have 28 morale I can use monsters.

don’t make the game more confusing than ever.




if again, they make more levels and monsters and shit, fuck that, I quit and move to something else.

I was disappointed when they decided to add extra level to the bladestorm and castle gate, which is stupid, why not more practical things like increase the capacity of the treasure chamber or farm, or new traps like mines or hidden surprise.

Now, as there is (offtopic?) discussion going on here about what types of towers and obstacles are redundant or most powerful etc… what about the following:

Add a few additional upgrade levels for the towers that are currently too weak for high-lvl gameplay (bomb, arrow, gargoyle, ice)?

Those extra levels would make these towers less useless/“outdated” in higher level gameplay, allowing for a much wider range of base layouts and tactics in the higher ranks, without actually destroying the existing balance in lower levels or punishing someone for not having them.


I mean, a high lvl arrow tower can be more deadly than a lvl 1 or 2 firebolt tower AND did cost more time and money to buy/upgrade (in total - lvl1+lvl2+lvl3+…+lvl8 for example). For this reason, in mid lvl and upper mid lvl gameplay when firebolt towers (and snake, skull towers) are already present and widely used, some arrow towers in a base can still be beneficial and make it more dangerous than another low-level firebolt tower, and I have 100% defeated bases with only firebolt towers without any pyromancers or fire spell or any scrolling or resurrecting, while I have died in bases with 3-5 arrow towers that had similarly strong wave troops.

Though, when the more advanced tower types get levelled up, the more basic tower types fade out, as they can’t be upgraded any more to keep up - not (only) the tower characteristics decide, which tower is redundant or less powerful, but mainly the lvl of each tower decides.


And, I know that arrow towers (A) are the most basic and cheapest towers in RR2, and firebolt towers (F) are one of the most advanced and expensive ones, so at the same lvl F should be clearly stronger than A.

But also remember that at the time a player unlocks/builds F at lvl 1, A might be already at lvl 6 or 7, being really not-so-basic any more (and also not-so-cheap and not-so-quick), but in fact as advanced as the lvl 1 F. As a consequence, A is as strong as F at this point. That is good balance to me and imho should be continued into higher level gameplay.

Unfortunately max bomb tower , frost , arrow and gargoyle tower are no match to max level firebolt skull and snake tower.If level 6 A tower is stronger tham level 1 F tower , just upgrade the F tower instead of using higher level A tower.Only improvement I’d like to see is buff to frost tower or maybe introduce one new tower thats it.

That’s what these forums are for suggestions keep these posts coming. Great job, I like the idea of a healer unit as well. It would have to be very weak tho and I don’t think it should be able to attack either.

Right, that is exactly why I suggest adding more levels for those towers. Then, the new max lvl arrow, bomb, etc. towers would be more relevant.

And already now the maximum level for different tower types is different, so it wouldn’t break any “rule” to differ the maximum levels a bit further.



And about the healer: Lots of questions there!

What do you all think, should he just increase the current hitpoints of injured troops/hero, or also heal from poison/fire like the heal spell? Area of effect or single target? Continuous heal or “healing shot” every X seconds? Should healers be able to heal themselves?

Also, how would a healer unit behave apart from the actual healing part, i.e. when no injured units are close by? Should they stay near other units and wait for them to get injured, or rather move forward alone? What should healers do to the hostile castle gate or hero tent when they don’t actually deal any damage at all? I mean, even mortars and mummies, both ignoring all towers, can at least attack the castle gate…

I guess the correct balancing of healers as part of the defensive waves would be quite complicated: At a chokepoint, one or two healers could keep the other units dealing suppressing fire to the raiding party alive for much longer and (if they can remove poison and fire effects) make certain units much less effective, while e.g. arblasters (high instant damage) would be as efficient as before, shifting the balance of other units quite drastically.

Also, should those healers be able to heal troops and hero only, or also towers, hero tents and castle gates? I mean, the heal spell can heal the hero tent, too, and basically a tower is more similar to a tent or a cannon than to a living soldier.

Maybe grant shield when no injuries?