New Troops, Towers and more

I would like to share some ideas. I have named the boosts but my naming is terrible so you can suggest better names.

Troops:-**  **

Magician-   This troop is very special. It can teleport to the king like ninjas. What makes them different from ninjas you ask, it also makes other troops in it’s ability range also teleport to the king. It deals normal damage and have 10 morale points.

Bombardie-  It’s just an advanced gargoyle. It don’t commit suicide. But it will explode when destroyed and will damage nearby troops. It deals ranged blunt damage and have 8 morale points.

Origami-  As the name suggests it is a living paper art. This troop gives enemies featherlike effect. It will also boost speed of the king and friendly troops by 10%. It will not stack. It deals piercing damage and have 12 morale points. It is weak to fire.

Effect featherlike- This effect makes troops light. Makes them take knock back when they get hit by any kind of attack. The knock back distance is proportional to the damage taken.


 laser tower-  This tower has infinite range and can hit every target on a path. The problem is that it’ll only fire in the direction it faces. Shield spell have an advantage as it can only take less damage from the tower. Troops with shields are also resistant. It deals normal fire damage. And is weak to ice.

poisall-pult-   (poisonball-pult) This tower shoots poison ball at the enemy. This tower attacks similar to bomb tower. Poison ball can be kicked. It is weak to electric and blunt damage.

crystal tower-  This tower shoots crystals at the enemy. Attacks similar to bomb tower. Crystals will lie in the ground. It’ll not inflict damage by hitting instead it releases sonic blast aura that inflict damage. Crystals cannot be kicked but can be destroyed. Crystals have their own health and be increased by upgrading or forging. All melee troops and king can destroy crystals. Archers and Arblasters  will not attack it. Crystals also inflict effect magnet.

Effect magnet- ** This effect makes troops in the ability range get attracted to source. The troops cant escape from this effect. The troops is released when the source is destroyed.**


Zap cannon-  This is spell version of the damage electric. This spell can also stun enemies. Duration instant. Stun duration 5 seconds. Cooldown 20s.

Petrify-  Spell version of damage petrify. This spell also deal damage to towers. Duration instant. Cooldown 16s.

Invisyshield-  This spell creates a circular area around the king. In this area the king and the friendly troops will not take any damage except electric. The area is fixed means it will not move when the king move. Duration 5s. Cooldown 15s.

Forcewind-  This spell creates a sudden updraft and downdraft wind. All the incoming attacks are back fired. Enemy troops will experience knock back. And the friendly troops will experience effect levitation.

Effect levitation- The troops will rise a little for a little time. When they rise they will be able to pass parallel paths directly. These troops will also experience a negative effect. They will be much weaker than normal. Bombs, Poison balls, spikes and skull bombs don’t damage these troops. The king can’t be affected by levitation. 

Event troops:-

Aliens- They come from distant planet. They have the power to summon portals. They summon portals in every 30s. Having more of them means more portals. In defense they summon translocation portals. Deals electric damage.

Cowboys-  They deals knockback on the enemy. There is 5% chance that they will KO the enemies in one hit. Deals blunt damage.

Half lords-  They got their name because they are half dark and half light. In offense there is 5% chance that they will give you effect good luck. In defense there is 5% chance that they will give you effect bad luck. Having all 5 means 25% chance to get hit by good luck or bad luck.

Translocation portals:- These are portals that will make enemies go where they started. All enemy troops that enter it’s ability range is teleported.

Effect good luck:- When you summon any spells when this effect is active the spell will last longer than normal. Troops summoned in this time will also be doubled.

Effect bad luck:- This is the complete opposite of effect good luck. When this effect is active the spells and troops summoned by the king will fail. Means it will not get summoned. You will waste your morale and time. 


seems way too advanced for current rr2 standards,also the game needs to be lyk 1gb in phones requiring more than 1gb ram.