new trophy cap for players

@Madlen you stated there was now no limit to the trophy leader board, however twice now I have crossed 20k + trophies and sustained relentless attacks far greater than a normal period in fact such is the loss of trophies in around 90 minutes, I can’t actually gain trophies, I’m just losing them every 3 minutes or so.  I do not understand the logic to what the devs have done by giving the already powerful players greater power via pheme, when players lvl 125+ face these players on islands all the time, yet they can go well above 20k and we are held back merely by time played in the game, nothing to do with ability, skill, just time played.  I do not believe you meant the system to work this way, it makes no sense. There’s actually more images than this but you get the idea.  @CaptainMorgan is this the system you intended with the tweak to the rules…?

They probably don’t have the ability to “uncap” at all levels the way you want them to without breaking the whole system. It’s temperamental code. So they did they same thing to ease the caps that they did last winter, except they eased it by about twice to three times as much. So you’ve been able to gain about 4000 more trophies than you used to have before the change, right? that’s all you’re getting until you level up more.

Mark Queijo is just about at 26000. If he can’t cross that barrier then that’s the answer. That’s the new upper level cap.

You should work on your GK. Ask Jake Blues what to do, his is pretty good.

So then just to set things right, you think it’s a good fair system, where we all appear on the same map ie lvls 125+ all often fight each other, and yet through nothing more than time played you have been given the right to have an extra 3 lvls (maybe 4?) of the strongest power available…?  You have now lvls 20k,22k, 24k, maybe 26k pheme.  

The latest update was just another backhander to the ‘old friends club’.   What will they give you next week, maybe a tower and units that you have to be maximum lvl to use!!! It would not surprise me… since the last message another 6 attacks or so…

You have to level up to get every other ability in the game. Yeah, that’s how it works. Level up son.

Nah. You actually appreciate that there are benefits to levelling up (ike being able to earn and keep more trophies), you just don’t realize it. You’ve complained many times that it stinks that your stats degrade as you level up and you’re forced to chase new gear. Yup, that stinks. There’s a real practical game mechanics reason for it, but it stinks for the player. On the bright side, when you level up you’re able to get more trophies, and better pheme, and you get a couple of other nice perks. It balances out the stinky part.

I think you’re also hand-waving the complexity of the trophy system. Nobody, including the devs, is going to say that it’s perfect. But it’s STABLE , which isn’t always something you could pin on it. It’s as good or better than it’s ever been. But if you have really been hitting the books hard and think you have the perfect coding solution to this problem, I’m sure you could send a software portfolio in to the guys and maybe they can give you a seat next to Chris tweaking the code. What do you think?

I hate leveling up, already gained around 14 levels in last three months.(Only game I have seen which makes player weak on leveling up and new levels oh god I am doomed.It is so hard to repalce items on heroes ;/)

Is there any end to levels in OR?

I hate fighting and losing to some high ascenion player just because dude started playing OR before me LoL.

Now I just hate the game,best way to enjoy the game is to reach max level then forge items without fearing they will lose thier effectiveness from a level gain.

If there was no incentive to levelling up, everyone would just max out what they think they need to be effective and stay low level. Thankfully, the devs thought of this, and they made it attractive to continue to level up, even when it means maxing out your 4th Artemis tower or the spells you never use.

One of the rewards for levelling up is the ability to get higher level Pheme. It’s a very good reward, imo.

BTW, I think pheme needs to be nerfed at this point. It basically needs to be rolled back 2-3 levels so that the highest level that’s possible to maintain is about the effectiveness of the current 18K trophy pheme.

Well I’ve played a few Gameloft online games over the years, and they maybe renowned for buys in the general play, but they could actually make a fair and accurate league table in various games. Is it so hard to put truly random enemies on our maps just based purely on ascension lvl.  Everyday I see THE SAME players on my islands - they must be sick of my Cadmus…

This league table is a self perpetuating entity, the higher you go, the more powerful you get, allowing to go higher and higher. The best power in the game is linked to the trophy leader board! 

There shouldn’t be a trophy cap at any lvl, there SHOULD BE a maximun pheme lvl. It’s not hard to grasp really. I’m sure Chris/Capt M know what I mean.


Send in your CV. I’m sure they’d love to have you show them exactly what they’re doing wrong.

Well stava and mani did that and oh god how that stava2 is doing 10 skull odyseeys.

His fame points are off the chart.???

They’re both really, really skilled players and they play(ed) a lot. Stava looks like a ninja when he plays. He doesn’t make any mistakes.

Its a shame the trophy leader board doesn’t reflect his ability anymore, I’m sure he’d be up there top 10, but he decided to hang on to his ‘special equipment’ Now the system just puts him on everyone’s islands like mine, so he can’t keep much more than 20k.

I’ve never once heard him complain about it. Most people don’t care.


Someone complained on his behalf recently, at the same time questioning the new improved system. It wasn’t him that posted, maybe Esk.

Yeah, I’ve still never heard him complain.

Well he has lost quite a few times trying to kill my gk strange(which is just an average gk), he can easily get 95% and avoid trophy loses ?

Maybe trophies aren’t important to him…

Or he is doing that on purpose, I have seen many good players leaving trophies on my base???


If you’re right at the cap it’s sometimes a lot easier to lose trophies on purpose instead of going over and getting slammed.

Or if you’re trying to level up a hero, sometimes it’s smart to find an easy opponent and do 45% or 50% a couple of times instead of beating them and not being able to attack again.

Not every player plays the game to be #1 on the leaderboard. Some do! And thats fine!

Personally, I don’t care if I’m #1 or #100, but I grind for gold often so I gain trophies from that, and if I’m close to top 10 I’d rather get the extra daily ajax points if I can. Other than that, it’s not a priority for me.

@Madlen  this trophy is argued from the very beginning of the game… What is the reason behind that trophy cap? @Philstaris agreat promising player currently, and at past many players also disliked the game because of trophy cap…

So why dont you let it go?