New trophy system effecting low levels BADLY

6 months ago I decided to see how well a maxed level 10 would do on gaining gems if left at level 10. It has remained between 900 and 1100 trophies the entire 6 months till yesterday.

In a 24 hour period it was reduced to 0 trophies, and is STILL getting attacked by level 30s.

This was what I logged on to this morning, the account name is camerancomcast

Check his battle log, with no trophies, and being level 10, it is still being attacked by level 30 players that have 1,000+ trophies

This will be very hard on new players. It will make new players not want to keep playing, and will effect our future as a game

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Hey @damon665

If you don’t mind my asking how you got 8000 gems.Did you bought them or were collecting them by maxing out your defense?


Also if you start hitting out other opponents than you will start earning 15 trophies instead of 3 unlike the rest of the player playing the game.Especially top 4000 players.They only find opponents worth 3 trophy and only on rare occasion see any opponent offering them more than 3 trophies.

Which unfortunately I haven’t seen in any of two accounts I whole Heartily support new trophy system as now I can still enjoy the game without being massacred by other players who are always attacking me for 25 trophies,ignoring my defense system or ignoring my defender .

But this morning those opponents are now forced to destroy towers and some of them are losing but I am not gaining much from that but it now better than to lose 16 trophies for 76 % completing a base.I still have to fight to earn trophies at least 150 battles in a day.

Also I don’t approve of what you are doing because it is cheating, grinding gems by keeping low Ascension level and maxing out defense.

I know this because the very same thing happened with me too on my new account two months ago. I too maxed out my defense at level 40 till 65 and I earned more than 5000 gems in just one month and I am not kidding this is cheating.(I never did it intentionally but a side effect of keeping maxed out defense at low Ascension level.My intention was built a tough defense to prevent other players from taking islands where my heroes are and also to prevent trophy loss instead I started receiving gems .)

My friend your base is being attacked as you are at low level.My base earlier used to be raided at least 84 times a day and I am not kidding at least 84 times a day.

But as I leveled up my base started receiving less attacks(now it is mostly between 40-55).Also no matter at what level you will play your base will always be attacked by other players as long as you are not inactive and your trophy count will never go below 0.



This is an account i do not care about. I was bored and wanted to see how it would do. Calling that cheating is absurd.

The whole reason for making this post is that my concern is if this change may make it discouraging for new players to keep playing.


Okay thanks for clarifying it but still did you earned those gems through maxed defense as staying at level 10 for six month is little extreme.

Also I have an account that is at low level but I am also receving lot of attacks about 78 raids in a day same as before this New trophy system as I am too high in trophies but I don’t mind it at all rather I can still cope with trophy loss and progress at a normal pace instead of worrying about trophy counts and reduction in rank.

It is strange that my teammates who are new to this game now Likes this new trophy system.?

Also I am not saying you are cheating.Not at all bro, just saying if a low Ascension player somehow manages to keep a maxed out defense they will end up earning lot of gems.

hi @HOLYDIVINE, it’s not correct what this player did and we can say it without fear, removing gems from low-lvl players who were in good faith and had just started playing.

@damon665 The actual matchmaking was not affected by the patch, as @CaptainMorgan mentioned in his notes. What happened though is that the game has seen a large increase in player activity over the past few days, who are probably inspired by the new system. The magnitude of attacks I recieve doubled too and it lead to a small increase in trophy loss rate. Now, this is easily countered by being more active and actually attacking stuff, together with increasing your ascension level, which is one of the game goals too.

With this said, this is definitely a constructive and useful feedback of which there was a request, so I would definitely take this into consideration regardless of my opinion on the nature of that account. I hope everyone would follow this strategy, we are not saints after all :grinning:

Facing level 10 opponents with maxed (unbeatable) defenses would probably be discouraging for new players as well! :grinning:

That might be anecdotal evidence. I’ve hardly been attacked since the patch. Less than 10 times. 


And most people who play the game don’t know there even was a patch unless the visit the forums regularly or happened to log in during the server maintenance (and then they don’t know what it did unless they came to the forums or someone told them). There should really be a message box in game that posts patch notes. 

Same here Prior to the lastest patch My base was raided 68 times in a day but now it only 15-20 attacks only.?

I am happy with new update.

I don’t have the data, but I would imagine that people might play less often on the week off from war. 

Somewhat. It is based on me and some of my allies, so certainly anecdotal, although somewhat statistical too (biased ofc, but well, perfection is unreachable).

Talking about patch notes, having a box is definitely a good idea. I wouldn’t be so confident most people dont know though, it takes a single alliance member to know this for the said knowledge to spread, plus it is really hard not to notice the fact you are loosing 15 in place of 25 trophs max, as well as the weird behavior of the progress bar during battles.

I hardly have been attacked as well. Managed to have an increase of over 200 trophies since the update with no longer losing 150 as a consequence. Either people are having days off because of no war or just my luck.

You’d only notice if you had higher than average trophies to begin with. Otherwise you’re still losing -3 with the occasional higher number. 

Most players don’t have higher than average trophies, obviously.

and most alliances don’t communicate much. The in game chat is pretty lacking. 

I cant understand why changed 25 trophies, 15 trophies is really bad, the problem is highers and -23 95% or 90% 20 trophies 

What do you mean by -23 95% or 90% 20 trophies ?

I assume that what he means is:

“I don’t understand why you changed the 25 trophies for 100% completion. Finishing at 95% or 90% and getting 23 or 20 trophies from the other player is the problem.”

As it means those players don’t beat a defense completely and still receive a bunch of trophies.

@damon665 thanks for the info - could you let me know the name of the low-level account? At the moment we only have less than 500 players between Ascension Level 1 and 10 with 0 Trophies. This is not much different than it was before, considering it also includes people who stop playing after building the most basic defense, but we will continue investigating what you have brought up.

Which is yourr name in game?