New trophy system = Time to do a pause

Hello everyone!

Like all of you know, the trophy system has changed a lot during the last days.

I was around 2200 trophies before the first update (which occurred a friday) and I quickly reached 1800 trophies in less than 2 days. When you read the recent threads you can easily see that a lot of players have also lost a ton of trophies because of this update. As a consequence, the dev team have released several updates to fix the trophy system which in theory should be ok now. After these updates I wrote to the support in order to ask them if it was possible to get back a part of my initial trophies. Following my request, they bumped me to 2400 trophies and for this I say thank you to the support. I knew that I didn’t deserve so much trophies (because it’s not my real level) so it was not a surprise for me to lose a lot of trophies during the following hours. When I reached 2200 trophies again, I thought my trophy count would be stable. But sadly this was not the case and I started to lose trophies again and again. Today my trophy count is below 1800 (1774 to be exact) and I’m wondering when this will end.

Almost all my opponents are higher and stronger than me (they have a lot of divine blessings) so I can’t beat them and therefore I can’t earn enough gold and wisdom to develop my city and his defense. Moreover, as I go down in the hall of fame, my gold reward for the few battles I can win becomes smaller and thus it takes an incredible amount of time to gather the resources required for only one upgrade.

My current ascension level is 48 and my trophy count is 1774 (and in the next hours it will be lower). So my questions are the following, what should be my trophy range according to my level? How can I progress further if my opponents are boosted like hell?

From now, I will only gather from time to time the few resources I can produce but I won’t be active anymore because if I can’t do battles I don’t see a reason to play.

Maybe you should increase the gold reward in the hall of fame and rework the matchmaking algorithm (victory against divine blessings when I don’t have one of them is an impossible mission).

I sincerely hope you will do something to fix these issues because the game was really fun to play before all these last updates.

Very well said

in my opinion we should just revert back to the very first version until these issues are ironed out, even though the first version was still messed up. Like you said everyone is having issues and so many people are tired of it and have quit the game. 

We have asked the devs about what range of trophies we should be in relative to our level but didn’t receive a response

this game had amazing potential, it is sad to see it go down 

hoping it gets “fixed” soon or they won’t have to many players left

At least in the version 2 weeks ago I would gain trophys on defense and gain a lot actually which was cool, but I’ve only seen losses since then. my defense seems to be less effective the more I level up. And I’ve been upgrading towers and units nonstop. That’s what I don’t understand 

The blessings / boosts/ buffs are the main problem in this game, not the trophies. I see so many people leave the game “i retire” “iquit” “i am loosing interest”…because they cant defeat any of the opponents the system offers. The funny thing about that is that all those big spenders who keep the boosts of their alliance running are killing the game they are paying for.



I’m ascension 62 and am down to around 2200 trophies. Every person on my screen is 5 to 20 levels higher with full buffs. I occasionally find someone with buffs down but that’s becoming rarer. There isn’t much fun in logging in to collect resources and kick off a build. The game should be one where you can play for free but you get better gear, etc if you buy stuff. Instead it’s become something you can’t play past a certain level without continually spending money. Defences should be better, buffs much weaker and cheaper. The matchmaker is a pile of crap and is not fit for purpose. Flare, you should not be charging people to beta test this. 

I list 700 trophies this weekend and I have been attacking enough to keep 4 workers ready and all upgrades running.

This is rather crazy :slightly_frowning_face:  

What is wrong with your match making system FlareGames?

I knew low level players would dominate the top spots after I realised I’d never win cups on defence and only attack higher players, early last week. How did you guys/girls not see this flaw. 

I really love the style and gameplay but the game is almost unplayable because there’s no point to getting tougher. 

I have 4 builders and they’ve spent most of the week idle or building decorations.

And I just keep losing cups. Is it normal for the leaderboards to be dominated by people exploting the flaw and staying low ascension be on top of the leaderboard, while people that invested early in the game drop pretty much off the radar.

After the devastation of 2 Friday’s ago, there were 3 patch’s, if I remember, afterwards during the week. None of them fixing the biggest problem of cup balance. The game worked best when people actually lost a tonne of cups in a fight before any of the mess.

Another thing is if an opponent is to tough to beat with or without invocations ($$$) how can we ever claim that island back with out a method to cycle those players? Luckily this hasn’t happened to me yet but anyone with no gems will have a tougher time. I only have about 3 opponents I don’t like to see because I know I have to revive once or twice (resets invocation and spell cooldowns) and I have to use a God-like amount of gems. I’d rather give those players 5 cups just to leave my island. Really be dumb if I couldn’t remove an opponent and I do think this will become an issue.

I really hope you paused and had time to reflex about the game over the weekend. This game is almost toast.

Good luck with the update.


You just hit the bullseye Achilles1. Very true, the defense seems to be less effective the more you level up. I got some level 100+ players on my map. With blessings they are invincible. But once their blessings end, even their defenses are like paper towels soaked with water. Which makes me think how much do you really have to spend to get a sound defense? Or how long do you have to wait for your upgrades if you are incredibly patient and determined not to use gems? I repeat my theory: Flaregames will never make this game a fair and easy to understand game. It just doesn’t serve their purpose.


Dear Devs:)

 “IT’S BS! ALL OF IT! You cooked up a story an dropped us in de meatgrinder!”