New Unit: Beastmaster

Morale point: 20

HP and Resistance : enough to not be killed in one shot when max level and well forged

Forges: hp and 2 other resistance that it is weak to.


Beastmaster is a unit that doesn’t attack, but summons a pal with him instead. The pal will be scaled to 20% of it’s actual stats, thus, giving importance to the need to level up other pals. The pal is invulnerable, but killing the Beastmaster will “kill” the pal too.


In offense, the King needs to assign one pal to the Beastmaster, and the pal will be summoned when the Beastmaster is present. The pal will be scaled to 20% at max level.


In defense, this is where it gets interesting:-


One can only assign one pal per Beastmaster, i.e. if one puts a Beastmaster in every wave, then one needs to have 9 pals.



This will open up a whole new variety of strategy.


In offense, it is like a second pal that is scaled down (For example, having tammy as a pal to the Beastmaster means you can summon a scaled down version of Tammy, which has its pros and cons compared to summoning a monk. The Beastmaster won’t be stuck hitting frost trap, and tammy has blunt damage, as opposed to Monks that cost half the morale point, resulting in more healing.)


In defense, the variety is almost infinite, as one is able to bring in all kinds of different pals to have different effects, i.e. a beastmaster with nidhogg can now use blackmagic, or a beastmaster that has an Eris Pal can act like a portable tempest.


This unit will breathe life into all pals that have been neglected as they may become useful in defense. For example, aki pal that no one uses, becomes a mini awakened aki when beastmaster summons it, or Archimedes pal that can stun units better than Ogre in defense! No longer will players complain when they get food because it now adds a whole different dimension into the importance of collecting different pals! While base design is very similar at higher levels now, this unit will also bring in tons of variety into positioning the rights pals in the right wave.




Interesting idea.

Though at first I thought a summoner type of bloke that summons a swarm of wild beasts (bees, frogs, whatever) that rush ahead and fight the first thing they run into. The beasts should probably be easily defeated as to not be too OP and actually be more of a nuisance to enemy troops rather than an actual threat (keep enemy busy while “real” troops clober the hostiles from a distance or something).

Although a beastmaster with just one beast works too, I guess (reminds me of the movie).

I think its a really good idea…

When I play game like Tactic Ogres on PS1 and GBA I hate so much the map with Beastmaster. I hate this class. I like Witch,Ninja,Warrior and others class but this one really boring to face. I don’t know why but its boring. Summon griffin and others beast to slow down your fight on the map.

However all depend how Flare can draw it and what its look like. I don’t have any problem if he can summon Dragon or Minotaur, why not Hydra? Summon Naga or a Genie. Something special Cerberus, Devil or Pegasus,etc…

This is very very interesting but balancing may be complicated ?

@GalaMorgane @flaretara @FTB

I see a lot of potential for it being OP

Actually this is the easy part. I said the pal stats will be scaled to 20%, but the percentage can easily be adjusted to not be overpowered or underpowered.

Well they will have to do tests for every pal because units bringing out pals is different to the hero bringing a pal, there may be a possibility of different beastmasters’ pals being nerfed to different extents.

Bear in mind when you summon 5 ‘beast masters’ there can be for example 5 Tammy’s. In order to avoid invincibility each beast master’s pal probably will be significantly weak (as you have pointed out, by nerfing&adjusting their stats) however this might prevent people from using combos (I.e. beast masters bringing out different pals in the same raid) as every pal is very weak if not strengthened by the same type. That’s something to think about.


Okay we will take in account this idea and discuss it, thanks for proposing!

This idea has really grown on me! 

I think it’s great!



I’m really hoping @FTB does run with this in v. 4.0.