New Unit: Dracula

I’d love to have a Dracula or Zombie unit. 

The cool thing about it would be when it killed it’s prey they would then rise from the dead as one of your own units.

… and we could have a Van Helsing unit to destroy it too!!!

We can have a Chuck Norris unit too!!!

You realize you’d say the same thing if I suggested a new unit that popped up out of the ground right?  But that’s the mummy and one of the most popular units.

Maerique being Maerique  :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw yesterday Batman in my Dungeon, he had a problem with RR2 doesn’t link properly with these ideas 


Talking seriously they could add whatever they want as troop but dracula wtf i can’t see it’s animation in the path jumping from a troop to another sucking health   :wink:


I like that! I want something that balances the lane by lane design.


I think it’s fun that…

They made the Dragon that I suggested.

And they made the Blacksmith that I suggested. 

Note given the amount of animation and work that went into the dragon upgrade, I feel like they were probably working on it before I suggested it. 

But they still did it. 

I see, maybe that’s why they were bad updates and players are leaving  :wink:

maybe because you dont have friends, I lost a lot because of the new updates :slightly_frowning_face:

middle school? Im in high school…and i didnt mean it as an insult, it was an assumtion since you said “as long as im happy” it most likely meant you are a very selfish person…but thats only an opinion i really shouldnt be saying, sorry if i offended you in any way :confused:

Uh? I didn’t feel like Atlas was insulting Maerique. By the way, by his comment I also understand he’s very selfish, too bad he’ll think something like “I couldn’t care less”, because actually with that personality he’ll get nowhere and will never have real friends. Maybe he’s the one in Middle School, and I’m serious…