New unit idea: Ninja!

Flare, I’be noticed a asking of Melee units between Knight and monsters, so I have a new proposal: Ninja!

The ninja’s qualities are:

  • High Melee damage

  • Can jump over Barricades, and maybe even Overlap?

  • Can dodge 5 attacks per second. And this is where it’s greatest asset is. Being able to dodge attacks makes it ideal for taking down, you guessed it, monsters! It’s a monster-killer. It can also survive against a single Firebolt, against a single Arb, etc, but cannot survive against a barrage of ranged DpS (too many things to dodge!)

  • Low HP

  • Avoids Snake Towers

  • 7 Moral

  • Piercing damage. Because when you think about it, a ninja’s sword and technique would be great against an Ogre, but not so great against a Mummy, a Barricade, towers, etc.

A very costly unit that dies quickly against large armies. Its main strength, is in it’s ability to kill monsters! For quite some time, bases with a high density of monsters have had no real counter. You can have an army of archers, sure, but they often get distracted by towers and such. A ninja could at least distract a monster effortlessly.

Ninjas are good in certain situations, forcing the attacker to use them wisely, and forcing the defender to diversify their Castle Guard!


Ninjas in medieval times??? 

Ninjas would be a neat idea but you have to remember the time period; it would not fit the theme of Royal Revolt.  Perhaps a “Horseman” which would be a Knight or more preferably a Paladin with the sword of the Knight riding a Horse; with those attributes you described and that would definitely fit the theme and seem intimidating enough and powerful enough for 7 morale points.  Does that seem better as an idea or substitute for the ninja?


I vote for Centaur or a Minotaur.

That also fits the theme but I don’t believe Flare will create that unless they create more monsters or mystical creatures to go along with it like how they did the Dungeon; perhaps add a dragon and chimera/griffon type thing or rather add more “human” category troops again.  Either way, Flare will eventually add another group of monsters or human troops in the coming months or year as they are busy with this whole “Champion” update and the update allowing players to add/invite friends and such.

Well we don’t want only monsters, monsters and monsters wtf !? Remember that the aspect of Knights, Archers, Paladins, Arblasters are based on Royal Revolt 2 style for their facial aesthetic. So could be cool add a new character which is able to integrate into the game. For your example of Ninja the head of Froster/Pyromancer is already done for the head of Ninja since they wear a sort of balaclava / hood. It could be cool see this ninja all weared black but how it can compete if he has low hp. Nowadays you find lot of DPS in each path you run for the amount of waves which come to you, and probably our little ninja can die very fast (What kind of Weakness it has?) Probably a high weakness from all type of damage types for example i can consider to use it but if it dies in few seconds although he run like gazelle through barricade and son and need only few blunt shot from archer to kill it, i don’t think i will use it =/


However i like so much the idea of this character, maybe seeing in the battlefield can make a different conception of what it really does or doesn’t.

I believe ninjas did actually exist in medieval times, just not necessarily in Europe :stuck_out_tongue:

Like before the Dungeons, even Monsters didn’t technically fit with the game.

For dungeon they recalled from the most nominated names that come to our mind to 80% of us as: werewolf (in fables), even more gargoyle, ogre, maybe less mummy. Let’s say that each of them had its own “history” for long time and are the main characters that we could recall immediately, so what i want to say is to add a new monster or unit (depend what you prefer) that has been for long time “famous” that can suit good the game.

That could be cool a Dragon also but probably it could be too much big and not pratically usable during raid like a monster or unit… so we need something more small of size and important /famous

Like Ninja! :wink:

Ninjas already existed in medieval times, ninjas as we know them today started to be like that in the 15th century, and they even have some background on times much before than then…

I like your idea… but… I don’t know, it might be too op…

i’m recalling back this topic because i remember of it: seems Ninjas as well as Aladin are coming in our kingdom (the central character has a lamp and the characters on either side are in fightning stance -  i can’t get it wrong lol) , hype!  :wink:

i call also @Macamus since i remember you suggested the same