New Unit(s), New Tower(s), New Spell(s)

This game is seriously in need of a new spell. The ones we have now don’t need to be stronger or weaker until we get new ones please!


Next we need a new tower for sure. Not new boosted towers we have plenty of boosts now.


A new unit might be cool after we get a new spell and tower. Spells, and towers come first though.

what about a futuristic laser tower that doing true dmg(dmg that cant be lowered) it aims at the here/the nearest unit and after 3 sec aim it fires a beam the beam it self goes all over the map :wink:

People bring up Electric damage but not many people get behind it. I’m all for a new type of magic though.



I am actually for anything new. Not just recycling what we have now into more and more boosts.

Here are some ideas for future implementation. I have not focused on adding more damaging spells or units but my focus is on adding variety to the strategies that can be used in the game. I hope you all like these ideas -


  1. Spells - 

a. Sleep - This spell puts units to sleep and makes them invulnerable (like dragons) while they are asleep. your units will ignore sleeping enemies and move on. This will bring a nice change in strategies as people can now choose to skip enemy wave and fight with next wave while reinforcements spawned later deal with the first wave. Towers should not be impacted by sleep.

b. Convert - This spell converts the biggest enemy unit and makes him fight for you. Obviously this spell needs to have a high cooldown but this makes things interesting as attackers could convert a monster and weaken your base while you could keep only small units in defence and render the spell useless.

c. Reanimate - This spell raises your recently dead units for a small duration. Bodies of reanimated units can not be reanimated again. Duration of reanimation increases with spell level.

  1. Towers and obstacles -

a. Bouncing tower - This tower targets one unit with high damage but its attack bounces to next unit with 20% reduced damage at every bounce. Number of bounces increase with tower level

b. Chaos tower - This tower should cost less than skull tower but more than poison tower. This tower is shown as Chaos tower to attacker but in defence, it randomly becomes poison/firebolt/skull tower of the same level as chaos tower. This will increase unpredictability and randomness in defence. 

  1. Units -

a. Ghost - This unit should be something like 7-8 morale cost. In both attack and defence, Ghost possesses the first unit it sees. Possessed unit fights for you. This also adds new strategic builds as unit placement in waves will now matter (first ogre might get converted or first knight might get converted) and similarly for offence, your wolves might be running ahead and suddenly there comes the ghost! OMG!! WHY IS MY WOLF ATTACKING ME!! Ghost disappears after first possession. Ghost can not attack and is invulnerable to damage. If ghost meets ghost, both disappear.

b. Necromancer - This unit reanimates your unit that died recently but necromancer dies in the process. Necromancer has low but ranged damage and can be killed easily. Time taken by necromancer to reanimate dead unit decreases with each level of necromancer

Lol make it a giant magnifying glass…


Change Sleep to Petrify and that will fit the description better.


Calling a unit Necromancer it fit better if raised a skeleton (as a knight?) based on recently dead units.  Similar concept to the surprise Mummy.


Another take on Re-animate, It summons from a list of units, based on the # of morale point that have died near the hero.  The cool down would also depend on the # of moral points.  For the most part Units summoned could be based on regular units, just with an undead theme.  


Need more obstacles/traps

 - Webs, can’t be damaged by flying units, only does damage/slow to flying units

 - Wall of fire.

 - Goblin/Kobold warren.  Similar to a Fire Tower.  Sends forth minions (can’t do or take damage) that repair towers.  

very good work. new spell, unit , tower. I wish they are do it .good lock man :sunglasses:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Chaos tower.  That would almost kill farming in one fell swoop.


I would also, in a side note, like to see defending monsters be a different color than attacking monsters so we can tell them apart in a swarm.