New update Ajax

Can someone tell us where to share our code to play for Ajax my code is PDFQU ?? And something about this new update!! Tnx 

You can find the explanation here:

Thanks Alysea for your fast answer!! 

highly ranked players will receive additional Titan points, i can see top 10 players receive 5 Points, i was unsure they receive 5 points per day or something?

yes top 100 will get additional points…

No code can be entered after Level 10? well, then 99,9999% of all users can’t use it …

not level 10

the maximum members u can have as a friends was 10…

do we get one titan point everyday??

how our friend will earn points for us??



I see. where can I enter a code?

You cannot enter a code if you are above level 10.

The linked players need to connect everyday for you to get the point.

The player who already provided you with the point of the day is highlighted in blue, the one who doesn’t is in white.

Why graphic is got so poor ?things are blurred as heros or chest items eyes will get confused 

how about the additional Points a person can get if they rank high in the leaderboard? Will be rewarded points per day?

Why graphic is got so poor ?as heros or chest items eyes will get confused 


Ehsanviery, I assume you are playing on Android? Which version exactly and which device?

iOS latest version

Iphone 5s  version 10.1.1

Game version 2.8.0

I’m having pixelated in game graphics as well, iPhone 5s user. 

Also after I type something on chat box when i enter after that game will crash …

Have you tried to restart your device (for the ones having issues with the graphics)?