new update and no correction windows bug

when correction windows bug? And other bug staryed new update its inadmissible money money money and no think players flare you are very looser! I m furious 2months say i m work in problem and no you work in you upadte and i m say you LOOSER FLARE!!!

Did you mean the crashing after raid bug?

yes after raid crash chamber chest crash in started game crash i m furious flare is noob very noob


not for me Windows 10 pc and Nokia Lumia 530 There is no lag

i m loose 60 trophy with win battles in crash in end raid. I m say connection out i have fibre in my housse and my wifi ise for my lumia650

It didn’t happen to me yet after the upgrade, but if it has already happened to you, then Flares have not solved this bug. This is bad.

I’m still crashing sometimes also. Its been happening off and on for a few weeks now. Seems to me when I have a lot of troops at the gate like knights. I will crash to desktop. There are plenty of threads addressing this, but no solutions.

I can’t tell whether this was fixed or not, I have been very inactive in the game lately, I don’t even raid anymore…

I’ve had TONS of CoF crashes since the update - MUCH more than I used to have during peace.

@Alysea: Here’s my guess as a fellow dev: The game makes a roundtrip when the victory screen is shown to check for number of CoF skulls etc. That’d explain why these crashes are much more frequent during war raids. With the introduction of Ninjas, there’s probably an extra roundtrip to the server (“Was this a Ninja Island level?”). Blind guessing on my part, but something worthwhile considering for the devs. Also, how hard could it be to store the fact that the game was on a victory screen when the games was “quit” (crashed) and just continue from there?


For me during wars it would at least give me the credit/coins/trophies and skulls for beating the castle and then I would crash to desktop when it was switching to CoF.

Now its crashing to desktop before getting any credit and it actually treats the victory like a complete loss with a lot of trophies lost when I log back into game.

I was hoping with the 2.5 update that this would’ve been addressed but, now its worse with trophies being taken away after I three crown someone. 

Yes i agree that windows phone platform has bug of crash while raiding n in COF… It exit game while raiding or in COF frequently… I m too sick of this BUG, i thought only i m facing this problem, but its all windows phone plyrs problem. So there is a bug of CRASH in our game… Flare please give us a stable update so we can play smoothly…