new update game

Hey I think u said of making new powers …new defence towers and u said of posieden  god third brother to come and join game and u also said to me of  new warrior having fire powers but seems nothing …come and the buildings which are showing coming soon when it has to haapen …I think we need some of these I know it take times but it I around a month when I said to u and one warrior having power for is needed because no one is here to do such hope u will see and consider 


If a system exist where we discuss and suggest u then answer and correction must …that makes a fair system hope u answer 


Possieden and one warrior having fire power …and u can also make some more decorations or some upgrade with gold and wisdom not with gems please make it make game more pleasant

Is anyone seeing please reply

Hello namit,

We just released a version with new content and a bunch of improvements.

You already have a new Hero to unlock, new islands areas to unlock, this should keep you busy!

We keep on working on improving the game, so keep an eye on the official channels for more news.

But u see this idea I mean posieden must be her u can’t feel

They brought the titans, it’s not much far away from poseidon I think :wink: