New Update: Increased Range for Snake Towers? Why can't you fix the Frost and Gargoyle Towers?

Is it just me or do Snake Towers have more range now?

I know for sure that the Frost and Gargoyle Tower used to have different ranges.  The Frost was like 2.5 and the Gargoyle 2.6?  And now they’re both 2.8.  And the Snake is now 3. 

Why can’t they all be 3?  They’re trying to fix the snake tower because it’s not useful in highlevel bases, but why can’t they fix Frost and Gargoyle, they aren’t even useful in mid-level bases!

Snake’s range is still the same, it was 3 before 

Earlier you got animation of toxic cloud, but not recieve damage.


It was bug?

Nearly 30 july, update


fire 2.0 -> 2.8 ice 2.0 -> 2.8 snake - 3, the same

It’s strange that it keeps the same range when it’s obvious that it can now reach the whole path, sincerely I don’t like it, for mid-level players that tower is overpowered now, I guess Flares needs to regulate that, because its too hard for mid-level players but it’s still bad for high level raiders…

Range for ice/fire didn’t really change, just the (before rounded-down) range stats displayed were corrected. range when building the towers already was about 2.8 before that update. 


Besides, yeah a little more area for those might be nice :slight_smile:


For snake tower, yeah, keeping it’s original range for the lower levels, and gradually increasing the range over levels would be better I think. 


I agree with Florian! That would be great to reach the regulation that snake towers are needing now  :slight_smile:

Just wait next update, Im sure FG plan new update for all useless tower/unit.If release all in one update then is become burden to upgrade also make FG have less to introduce.They say want 3 more update before 2016, so 2 update left :slight_smile: