New update - lvl 20 tavern 1,5m p/h

So, in the new post @nikko said the following:

Boosted, my tavern gives me 78k (after installing the update) per hour:

So how does it give 1,5m per hour?

Its a typo.

If we look at your data, it more like 15 600 gold an hour.

Well, let’s say we have all 4 of the taverns at lvl 20. It would give us 312k (78 * 4) per hour

Hah thats weird, maybe a mistake

yup, a mistake. i updated the post. " At Level 20 the Gold Production of all 4 Tavers now is 1.500.000 per day" is correct. Sorry about that

To make thing clearer, a lvl 20 tavern is now at 15 625 gold an hour. The old value was 12 000.About 30% more than before.

Thanks for the quick reply  :slight_smile:

The capacity for level 20 taverns is also increased by 181k to 781k, which is nice.  Thanks, Flare. :slight_smile:

Misread —

And why did you make ZERO changes to the Taverns at levels 2 all the way up to 19? Having the final level get a massive boost like that out of nowhere is not really balanced. You need to increase the hourly gain rates across all Tavern levels for this crap to make sense, not just boosting long-time players and forgetting about everyone who’s not lvl 115 or higher.

But OP clearly shows us that’s not the case, he took a screenshot right after the update, as he claims, and the values aren’t changed from the old lvl 20 Tavern. Also, what’s the max capacity on it?


Pre 3.8 lvl 20 tavern were at 600k capacity with a production of 12k an hour.

3.8 llvl 20 tavern are now at 781k capacity and 15k an hour (15 625 gold/h to be precise)

Also, lvl 19 taverns went from 550k capacity to 600k capacity.