new update not in windows 8.1

it’s not good flares did server maintenance and windows 8.1 still not updating the game and due to maintenance we can’t even play the game now.  please do something flares


Yeah, flare shouldn’t do maintenance before the update available in all platforms. Even without maintenance, players who want and there is update on their platform can update it.

With this force update maintenance, players who can’t update couldn’t play it in the meantime and will frustrating him/her, especially when he/she is participating in the league.

got the update on my windows 8.1 phone, (same as with IOS) i went to manually update rather than waiting for it to notify update was available.

but here it’s not telling any updates

I still didn’t got update in windows 8.1

I updated my WP8.1 version manually too. Look up the app in store directly to see if you can update it?

Finally updating as well, ufff :slight_smile: