New update worth it for windowsphone?

I haven’t updated yet but when I checked the update in store, there isn’t anything mentioned about the any feature. There aren’t even video ads for windowsphone. So why the new update?

same here no update in the windows store…

I am getting the new update but there is no mention of any new features in the store!!

I haven’t had a update in store does it come later for windows phone users would like to update game even if it only offers a link to fb ? vids need to come quick

I still have no update from my store.

just got the update they change troop pics and add link to fb from friends but am experience some blurry pics spec on friends pic has anyone else got this on windows phone

Installed on Windows Phone and graphics became blurry. Sick

The new update is not worth it for Windows Phone, the majer objective of this update is bringing ads to Windows PC.

recent tweets with RR2 confirmed that there is nothing new in this update for windowsphone, they are just launching it for technical reasons. They also said I could postpone my update until the next update arrives or unless the game force me to update. I will wait till the next update comes :slight_smile:

this updates with no improvement is a trick to drain some extra data from the players who don’t pays for gems…

there’s update in the store but I think its not mandatory… Otherwise good news would have appeared in your screen. I updated the game and there is no improvement… Just came over new issues which was not before…

your wrong yes there no improvement with the update but the drain on the data ain’t because I don’t buy gems because I do buy gems every now n again and still have blurry pics

no one can play rr2 offline… Have to pay for data. And is a indirect way of earning…


The mobile data you pay is in no way paid to Flare, only to your mobile provider :grinning:

but the data usage has been increased exponentially since the birthday update. I liked the game coz it cost me less data but now I have to manage all my available data on the game itself. Forget about surfing the internet.