New update

Hey there, this is an incredible update you guys did , I highly appreciate that , now there’s something else to build besides just fighting lol :slight_smile:  

but , there’s always a but :slight_smile:  lol 

how are we gonna do this now , especially when you need sooooo much resources for Odyssey . It’s like we have to forget about something and concentrate on one thing… 

can you guys slightly increase the income of the resource’s ? So we can at least do some levels of Odyssey, other wise it going to be so hard , it’s like you have to be in this game 24/7 

If not please explain why ? :slight_smile:  

thank you

with love from P.R.I.D.E?:crossed_swords:

“?Shield & Sword⚔️” 

I want to support this proposal. Great game, but people don’t have so much time on it.



FallenAngel, ?Shield & Sword⚔️

Congratualtions - you introduce something really great like Pheme that injects new life into the trophy system and a week later you nerf it to the point of being almost useless - a bit like what you did to Athena the “strongest” (what a joke) of all the heroes.

How do you do it??  Sorry, but not happy

Nerfing pheme was the right move. It gave the game some balance. Great update.

i agree with my friends at Shield and Sword that an increased resource income will definitely help. 


Гнев богов

@MarcusozInception, it was unfortunate that we had to make the change so soon after revealing the Power, however (as Skorpio mentioned) it was a little too overpowered even if players didn’t yet have a good amount of Trophies. However, we are still working on the balance of this Power and it is likely that it will become more useful again in the near future.

Near future means before or after you introduce the new Heroine, who will likely be in version 3.7?

Before :slight_smile:

The new Goddess Heroine is quite a large chunk of work to get into the game, so there is still quite some time to go until she can be used.

the new hero will she have the same fate as Athena? a good nerf and the weaker hero is ready

@vasudeva1 absolutely, we will indeed try to make sure the new Hero is as balanced as Athena.

ok if for you Athena is balanced everything is clear

@Tomaxo somebody mentioned a Goddess?

Hahaha, no, I think the devs changed their mind through balancing/testing Helios and Pheme. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, you make us get more impatient!  :grinning:

Whatever she is goddess or demigoddess or whatever. She is welcome in the game. More Hero we have and more resources we have and better the game will be :wink:

I feel like new goddess wil be ARTEMIS 

@CaptainMorgan I do appreciate that you guys have fine tuned Pheme. Perhaps still not as powerful as I would like but at least it’s now useful again.  It would be great if in future you could avoid this sort of extreme though - Fine tuning is much better,

Introducing something that we work hard to build only to have it snatched away and made nearly useless is a great recipe to frustrate players who have worked hard.  Like you are currently doing with Chest Rewards.

There’s a middle ground here - most of us would really appreciate it if flare games worked harder to find it

@MarcusozInception You’re right that fine-tuning is the way to go, and we try to hit this middle ground where possible (obviously most players will only notice the ones which don’t work out so well). With Pheme we felt a better-safe-than-sorry temporary nerf was necessary because of the fact that it was really so OP at the highest levels, especially for people with crazy cooldown items. We then spent rather more time testing this new balancing before releasing than usual, as this Power is a particularly awkward one to test with all the possible permutations of level, Trophies and items.

This could have been done better, but we are now taking small steps towards not having these kind of problems in the future.

Thanks for the feedback and constructive criticism.