New update?

I was browsing facebook and I saw a post on royal revolt 2 page. It consist of a silhouette of a man who the page terms as a traveller and asking us to make a prediction if he is a friend or foe. Is it an update or just an event?

It’s an upcoming update =)

You’ll probably find out its real aspect next week, remember to leave your prediction in the comments with your ign to have the chance to win 3000 gems  :grinning:

Looks like a leprechaun.

I dnt get it how a leprechaun will be related to the game? Or maybe you might be correct, if he is a leprechaun he will be obsessed with our gold which will make him foe rather than a friend

I think its exclusively an facebook event o.O n bdw only 3 lucky winners will get the 3000 gems I guess. (I have done my prediction X )

Well you should mainly have facebook to have the chance to win =/

However the exactly answer isn’t so important, for example last time when there was the blacksmith i answered correctly who was that guy, but the gems were given to people that answered casual things… So answer as you wish ^^

Hey, Does the update means that there will no event in the off season between wars this time?

No, events are almost every week ^^ But they can delay an event to release an update of course.

Do you knw when they will announce the result for 3000 gems? And when will they unreveal the update?

Well surely next week they will give the result and also more info of the update. If they shared their blank character the last day this mean in my opinion that they have already made the big part.

Now it seems extremely likely that the update may come after the next war season and we get a valentine week event for now :wink:

I hope we can win a chat or lunch with Aether for valentines event :wink:



Why? We already had this two events ago :stuck_out_tongue:

probably gonna be even shittier than ever with some clever new boosts for paying customers.

he bring magic wand on right hand and potion on the other hand. he’s a witch!