New Update

So guys for now what kind of information we have about the new update?


Secure information:


-Introduction of a new character called Monk (melee unit,heal and do blunt damage)




-Introduction of a new tower 


Guys let’s update these information day by day until when it will be released. If you know anything else write here.  :slight_smile:

Breaking news from Facebook!



There will actually be a new tower. It seems to be an electric tower.

No more a rumor about the tower:

Cool. So a new tower. It could be stronger than the skull tower. Electric power sounds good. I guess a new spell will be introduced too. A water spell why not? it could tackle the electric power. 

Its been officially unveiled :slight_smile:

Maybe the electric damage transfers between the units to hurt them for each partner they have close.

^^ I dnt think they would introduce a new damage type…Hey they have introduces a new unit, new tower, they may even give us a new spell :open_mouth:

Good I am doing level 17 castle gate, which gives me a new tower. Lol

Exploring in the ancient ruins the explorers of RR2 kingdom discovered unknown magical rocks which emits strange electromagnetic energy :wink:

If flare introduce a new type of damage,It might be a tower whom trigger thunderbolts to the attacker.  :stuck_out_tongue:

"@titanka08 The name will be revealed soon enough! :point_up: We are happy to hear that you are excited.

This tower came about through static shock build-up by mobile users leaving their phones in their pockets for too long.

FB quote from Flare : "We hope that the veteran players will enjoy this update as much as the new ones. We haven’t even started to tell you what else is included. There is so much more coming. "


In other word there is more than this tower and the monk.

Probably a new spell :wink:

"Royal Revolt 2

It’s always hard to say what the players will come up with. smile emoticon But we are sure that all the new content will give Kings much more options and open up new strategies. There are also some more things coming that you don’t know about yet…

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So probably a new spell will be introduced. But i dont think they will add further stuff. A new tower,new unit,new spell would be enough. I’m speaking for myself,i’m not a top player so could be problematic upgrade so much stuff Lol 

But low players wont be able to afford the costs of upgrading a new troop, tower and maybe spell. Only top gem throwing top players can. I look forward to having a new level 1 monk and tower though

when will be the update will  be live any one knows ?

Like the graphics of this game. Flares are always doing a great job with Graphics.


Waiting patiently for the updates. We’ll be much wiser after.


There is a saying: When you worry too much about something that hasn’t happened yet, you worry twice: Once before and once after it happens. Better to worry only once…

Yup, Correct as always … Saint “Ed” has spoken!