New Update

Most likely after the next war season if they have no more surprises :wink:

You will get the stuffs later in the game :slight_smile:

I like how I suggested in a thread that they add tesla coil towers that will be allowed to rent for gems and now they confirmed a tesla like tower :wink:

Few weeks ago they say a change will be made for war format, hoping for a good chang here

Hey, how did you know? I am glad we would get something new even in war seasons :stuck_out_tongue:

More breaking news. Flare just uploaded this video to their YouTube channel:


We can spot some interesting things in the video:

-The monk is about the size of a paladin.

-The monk heals the surrounding units after some time

-It seems that I was right and the new tower throws a lightning, and the electricity transfers from one unit to the another

-In the end we can see that the paladin died from something blunt hitting him, at the same time the tower hides, so the new tower will do more than just frying units. --That blunt attack seems to be strong, but I guess the tower has to reload after that, and will do nothing in the meantime.

^^ it looks like the tower strike the first unit then it exploded striking every unit in its also seems like it will have a high recharging time

well noticed! Seems before it explodes striking every unit in the range, there are 2 sec of time of waiting for the lightning explosion.

This means that you can have the time to use your Monk to heal your troops so you can reduce the damage from the lighting explosion.

Bt we can always used a support tower to strike the monk before it can heal the troops.

guys check it out 


what do you think about this? 10 moral points for the monk. As i thought the monk has an high level health. Check out carefully at 0:13. New levels for towers will come out. The max level of the Snake tower will be 13 and 12 for the skull tower. New levels for the Sonic blast and a new spell called Black Magic will be introduced.  New levels of dungeon will be added. The new towers we have seen from the last video is called the Tempest Tower. New waves too. New levels of units as you can see also at 1:17. But honestly i dont like that all towers ,units and spells can be improved thanks to the blacksmith. This is a bad way to say:ok guys the update is come out but now you are gonna pay. Let me make a point about this update will come out. It will be amazing and cool certainly. Speaking for myself i’m 87 king level now and when it will be released i will be like an ant in this game Lol. Probably too much brand new stuff (?!). It’s not a complaint ,i’m just saying.  

^^ hey buddy, 10 morale points is just as I predicted. And it have a decent health, they changed the attack type of the monk from blunt to normal which is good (since most of us were suggesting normal damage). Not only sonic blast and snake towers, almost all the buildings, troops and spells will get new upgrade levels. With the introduction of customization of almost everything pearls will be more useful then gems now I guess. And at last the new tower is called lightning tower buddy if you notice carefully tempest tower is just its elite boost just like mad monk :wink:

Hi titanka. Sorry i wrong with the name of the tower Lol. It was only the boosted one. I’m saying it will be cool certainly. But i’m thinking about low and mid-level players like me. We are going to upgrade so much stuff. I hope we could get more gems and pearls in dungeon levels or in chests too. Or this update will be just only for players who spend so much money. With all these new stuff seems i will play the game starting from scratch. This is the reality. And obviously top players will be advantaged. 

^^ this update will wider the difference between top players from low to mid level players and player who are willing to pay real money will become more and more stronger. Even though i am level 82, for a free level player like me it will take a long time upgrading everything (while upgrading is fun bt customizing for pearls isn’t). I think they should increase the pearl values so that we get more pearls per item when we meltdown.

I think everything that’s coming looks very cool, the problem is that I think it will make the game even more P2W.

^^yup, and the game will be more unique compared to other games. (that’s only my opinion of course)

They should remove the roulette in Blacksmith and all the “luck” system, those customizations should work like an alternative upgrade using pearls.

I stop forging my items when the price gets close to 100 pearls and the first improvement for Wolf costs 200 pearls already!

Maybe the forge pearl cost depends on the level of the wolf

I stop forging when the item is finally uber (and I only forge legendary items), so maybe I won’t even start to forge things if they cost more than 60 pearls.


Well, the wolf in the video is level 4, but doesn’t matter, 200 pearls just for the chance of having an improvement is too much

If the game becomes super complicated that you need a hundreds pages user manual to understand it and if all will be dependent on the Pay to Play blacksmith scam, then, maybe it’s a good time to consider quitting this game.


By looking at the leaderboard, there are about 260K players above 400 trophies left in the game. A short while ago it was 300K…


We’ll just wait and see…