New update

See twitter/facebook for preview.


Im wondering, will this contain a filter for alliance applicants aswell? Like a certwin number of trophies, king level or donation amount? If we at North set our alliance as apply to join, it rains level 20 and lower players who want to join. It would be very very nice to be able to set minimum requirements like level 90 king and 500k donation.

We will see, for now we can only suppose things and the only person that can confirm something is Aether as usual.

What “easier wave management” might mean? 


From their FB : 

"Kings and Queens! We heard your feedback and are happy to announce that the next update will include reworked Alliance War matchmaking and much more. Here’s a first ** ‪#‎preview‬ ** of things to come. Make sure to like & share this post to spread the word! "

Seems like this is only a part of the update. Probably more change comming up.

Also, someone said in the comments "being able to copy / paste waves would be great. " and Flare anwser was "You might be lucky… émoticône wink :grinning:

I would LOVE a tiny change that could make war fun again,  give extra skulls based on time left / speed of raid.  

So maybe 1 second = 2 skulls,  so killing a base with 44 secs left would give you extra 88 skulls.  

Come on Flare,  you know war needs something to make it fun again.  

in that case everyone will target easier bases coz they will get over 150 extra skulls if they destroy the castle in a min :slight_smile:

oh wow great news!!!

revamped player search  : Yes this need a new way to find someone. actually when you raid someone and want to add in favorite list but don’t remember all the complete name with number and symbols but know its name its Mike. When you write Mike in search you find like 10 Mike but not the one you search. You cannot search corean or chinese members with strange symbol,etc…

Easier Wave Management : Just hope you have just to press a button and the game can choose himself what its your strong units and what fit the most with your base design or something like you want to copy and paste the first wave for all wave. Can be too you can register your selection and each time depending of the elite boost you can upload your selection in just few seconds

Upgraded alliance Search : This one yes need new way to search. If you want only search a alliance between rank 200 and 300 you cannot you must lost 5 minutes to click the triangle and go down

Improving War matchmaking : Just hope something like your have a Alliance with 39 members on the war you face only alliance with 38 or 39 members with the same ranks. Equal and only the best are victorious at the end. Only alliance who use Champion,Shield can win,etc…

and we just hope Flaregames surprise us with new units,new spells and why not Daily Quest. Just hope Flaregames if can do that can fix the Vungle ads for everyone in this game. I feel little bad when me I can have like 50 chest in 1 week and the others cannot have this advantage to get Free gold. Maybe cannot do anything about this but maybe yes

Like suggested why not for new players can choose between King or Queen. I think girl would like to have a Queen like Hero

New matchmaking in league, new medals algorithm,etc… fix some bugs like crash,freeze,etc…

we just hope something cool with this new update


^^hey the contents are not yet published :stuck_out_tongue:

Daily quests would be epic :slight_smile:

Yeah daily quests would be fantastic.

I hope the entire war layout will be revamped and not just the matchmaking. It’s not very exciting the way it is 

The whole world wants to know- WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DAMN LEVITIATION SPELL ? :v

It was a prank of the april fool lolz

Waste of time in creating the pic and posting, we don’t expect companies to celebrate April Fools with customers ~___~

But they did it =P

I’m hoping they add some functionality for saving/switching between states for items, waves and base layouts.  

For items, I’d like to be able to set up multiple sets of gear and then quickly swap one set for another - say a +gold boost set for grinding, an all out offense set for war seasons ot dungeons, etc.  Switching out individual gear items gets tedious.  Similarly, I’d like to be able to save base layouts and then be able to switch between them.  Playing around with your base layout is time consuming so being able to save/restore layouts that you like would be a welcome addition.  Having this would make me much more willing to experiment with new layouts.  I don’t do this much now cause getting back to a ‘good’ state just takes so long. Same concept for waves - I want to have sets which are optimized for certain base layouts or elite boosts.  

Yes I am hoping for changes in the wave layout too. I am expecting multiple layout for our bases too interchanging with respect to different layouts of the waves. I think it will make the management of waves less time consuming and we will become better strategically. Also the OB players will benefit a lot coz they wont have to manually manage there towers and troops if they want to close a base.

Oh wow very good point :slight_smile:

exactly for the wave and Defense base. Save and load preset. You save a lot of time and its more useful in some situation