new upgrade discussion

Good morning I would like to comment on this new update and analyze it, the idea of putting a new game mode is interesting and I like it because the game needs news to increase the interest but I do not like that I have to wait a month to play the ninja and so lose many cases and pearls above all I do not like that you can not give the tickets to friends, I can not do 4 pro monthly, but only because I do not spend money on the game. I would like to say that your game also exists thanks to those who do not spend money, in my case I’m a level 120 player at the head of a level 65 alliance we play for 3 years in my alliance there are players who spend money to be the best and to make grow the alliance, if I did not create my alliance long ago these players who spend probably never would have spent for this game, and like me so many others so why you have to take away the opportunity to play well? this is a free game but it does not seem to me anymore, in this pro leagu there are pet defense already from the first battle and boost on towers and obstacles, I foresee a bad individual and alliance score and therefore smaller prizes, once again this game goes in favor of those who spend and not who wants to play!

my advice is not to think too much but to be a little more human thanks .

Hey, I respect your opinion and everything, but you really shouldn’t make a whole topic out of this. You should’ve posted this in the “let’s discuss v4.0 here” discussion