New version 4.1 // Conquest updates // Other features and bugfixes

Dear Queens & Kings,

We have just released version 4.1

(Please note that, depending on the platform, you might have to wait a little bit before seeing the option to download the update manually.)

With this update, we have made improvements to the conquest. Please have a look at this video I made for you :slight_smile:

Please find more extensive information in the patch notes below:

We have improved the conquest and added some new features.


General and leaders can now give orders to people with a lesser rank than them.


We have improved the chat by adding 2 more sections. One section is the VIP chat – accessible for leaders and generals only and the other section is the sticky-note chat. Here leaders and generals can attach strategies and orders for their alliance.


In alliance territory, the hero only travels with its energy power costs and there is no more three tiles limit. In neutral or enemy territory heroes can now move 4 instead of 3 tiles.

The hero-movement cooldown is drastically decreased. The hero movement is now mainly limited by the energy costs and not by the cooldown anymore. However, in enemy territory the cooldown is much higher and in enemy territory (and neutral territory) you are still limited to only move maximum 4 tiles.

If you have used up all of your energy, it will take around +11 hours to fully regenerate it again - but it is possible to move once you have just regenerated enough energy to do so. You should however always bear in mind that you will need energy to move back, if need be (retreat) and to attack - and that you still have a 4 tiles limit in enemy and neutral territory. It will also take more energy depending on which terrain you are (for example grass – lowest energy vs swamp – highest energy).

Building times:

It now takes less time to build towers the closer they are to the stronghold.

New mailbox messages:

We have included new alliance mailbox messages for the following events:

—Starting Watchtower upgrade/building

—Starting a Tech Research

—Starting an Alliance Building upgrade/building

Other conquest changes:

-Alliances are now hidden in Standings Screen until 1 member is met on the map first

-We have implemented a Shortcut button to quick-select current tower of tower guard

-Added: confirmation prompt “Do you really want to leave the Stronghold without Troops?”

-Added: Notifications to receive updates about important events in conquest (if enabled)

-Added: When joining an alliance during a running conquest, it is no longer possible to donate resources.

-Added: Soldiers can now see the amount of Troops sitting in a Tower

-Added: When returning from a War Battle on his Tower, a Tower Guard’s camera will be centered on the tower (not him)

-Added: Players are only able to select tiles that are reachable within the energy they have

-Rewards: We have improved the amount of rewards and added alliance gold and voucher chest as new reward types.


Other features:

-We have implemented a feature, in which players can now tap the Defense Beast icon in the battle loadout to see which beast they will be facing


Pro-Shop Changes:

It will only be possible to donate bought tickets in the future.

The Pro-Shop will now categorize all pro-shop sets available.


Several bug fixes

- Fixed the Unresponsiveness / Multitouch Issue

  • Fixed the “Max. War Battles (Heroes) +3” Tech not working

  • Fixed the “Max. Troops (Heroes Towers) +20” Tech not working for towers

  • Fixed the “Confusion Chance” Stat Display on “Aki’s Agility” Item

  • Fixed:  Alliances get kicked out of the conquest after not being online for some time

  • Fixed: Conquest Map: Players that have been attacked and afterwards leave the Alliance are not displayed in the “War Standings” screen

  • Fixed: Sometimes players cannot see Towers on the map in conquest


We will continue working on the conquest and further improvements :slight_smile:

Have a good week and I hope you enjoy the new conquest features!




Wow, I`m impressed. Good job.

Good job guys, these changes sound really awesome.

Specially excited with: Reduced cooldown, ability to move alliance members and the new chats!

I’m eagerly awaiting to try these out :slight_smile:

Positive about the changes, and like the way FG was quick to respond to them. ? Also the video was really nice & informative, and good solution on the pro league tickets issue. Will be waiting for further improvements and I hope the conquest this time is better. :slight_smile:

This is great! Thank you FG! I can’t wait for conquest to start! ??

Please confirm,if points get deduct than will it effect awards chest or not??

I am impressed is what I can say for now. Good job. 

Can you explain what the algorithm of Supreme victory is? We know troops, terrain, time of battle ongoing and terrain modifier plus watchtower (including level) are part of it, but can you explain to us in a little more detail how supreme victory is calculated?

This can be handy in case we want to attack a single player by surprise. Before on open ground it was easy to jump on one person with 3 persons making a difference of 600 troops and beating him once with all three persons to score supreme victory fast. 

I have to admit, the changes looks promising and I really love the video! A great functional update after a very long time…

Thanks for rewards “alliance gold” (it’s my Idea!!!) ?:v:

WoW ?  Good job guys… it looks awesome

Really positive about the update… new features are love…bug sqaushes are really made me considering playing RR2 again as main game ?

Video was aweosme…once again wanna appreciate madlen for her awesome ways to communicate with community ?

I want you to consider one thing @Madlen

As we have three chat sections now…I think it is important to add notification count in each section. Plz refer it to the devs 


Looks great! But i see the Pal chest from top tier is now only 3, instead of 5. Those 3 have more pals inside?

My alliance tier is now only 1 pal chest, down from 3 :slightly_frowning_face:

I have to admit. Conquest seem fun now and all the changes seem awesome. Good Job Flare. Really Good job! You see when you listen you can give really huge positive result. Thanks

I also detect other prices in our layer (200)  image.png when I open the rewards section. I don’t see any alliance gold reward. Is that a glitch/mistake? It seems that conquest boosts aren’t displayed all there. 


Why flare still can’t solve this bug…pls look into it…it’s really annoying ? actually no message is there…plz fix

Everything,you can get through video,Nice Madlen

Awesome Update ?

The Pro-Shop will now categorize all pro-shop sets available. 

What does that mean exactly? 

Looks promising and we will see how it all goes :slight_smile: However, I personally miss a fetuare allowing faster donating troops to members.

So we can’t donate out of the box tickets and auto generated ones right?

The changes look good, but I’m still not sure this will take away the need of leaders/generals to be constant online during Conquest.