New version 4.2 // Conquest updates, further improvements and bugfixes

? Kings & Queens,

We have just released our new and shiny version (4.2).

(Please note that, depending on the platform, you might have to wait a little bit before seeing the option to download the update manually.)


With this version, we bring you several Conquest updates and other improvements, as well bugfixes.

Please watch this video for a short overview of the new Conquest updates and read more detailed information about all the improvements below:


Full Patch Notes:

Conquest Improvements:

  • The new Alliance Rank “Sergeant” will allow Soldiers to assign Troops in Conquest, build Watchtowers and assign Orders.
  • Our new Progress Overview Screen will give alliances more insight into their members’ donating behaviour and also offer quick access to each member Stronghold Building Level info.
  • The costs of Techs can now be previewed in the Tech Tree
  • A new Sticky Note will now display a notification on the Chat Ticker (and inside related menus)
  • When attempting a movement with insufficient energy, a new indicator will show when the needed energy will be available
  • After being assigned as Tower Guard, a new Mailbox message will notify users and also feature a shortcut to the Watchtower in question
  • The “Conquest finished” Screen now also shows the achieved Conquest Score
  • A new Tile Info entry will inform Players about tiles on which Watchtowers cannot be built upon
  • New System Notifications will inform Players about finished upgrades of their Stronghold Buildings
  • To better indicate insufficient resources when attempting to build a Watchtower, the affected resource’s UI element will now flash red
  • The Number Grid now uses a more accessible numbering method for easier navigation and coordination

Conquest Balancing Changes:

  • A new Tech Tree Layout will allow a more diverse Tech research approach, while costs for research have been reduced.
  • The benefits of researched Techs can now stack (before researching e.g. a “+15%”-Tech twice, would still give a “+15%” Bonus [because only the higher one would have counted]. But now it will be “+30%”)
  • Better Conquest Rewards in Pro-Chests and Voucher-Chests, Alliance Gold rewards increased by 50%
  • Conquest related Alliance Gold costs have been reduced. Most prominently for low and mid Level Alliances
  • Conquest Wars can now be declared until 12 hours before Conquest End (they will then end 20 seconds prior to the event’s end latest)

Other Improvements:

  • The Portal VFX (Scroll and Janus) will now be better visible in battle
  • Petrify: A petrified unit will no longer cause an enemy Werewolf to cast its Howl
  • Intimidate: An intimidated Unit will now additionally receive increased damage from all sources. This affects the Intimidate everywhere in the game (Growl Pal&Beast, Heavenly Haven Tent, etc.)

Further Bugfixes and Polishing:

  • Conquest Map: The Stronghold Player Info can no longer spoil the identity of other alliances before they were encountered
  • Conquest: We removed the “Cooldown is over” notification, since the now very short cooldowns caused quite a notification spamming
  • Conquest: Fixed several bugs that sometimes caused display errors for the costs of attempted movements
  • Conquest: Alliance territory movement bonus not always available
  • Conquest Map: We removed the automatic scrolling to the own entry when opening the “Players on this tile” List
  • Conquest Map: We removed the automatic scrolling to the own entry when opening the “Assign Tower Guard” Screen
  • Conquest: The “Send” button is now greyed out when no troops are available to be sent
  • Conquest: Fixed a Bug that sometimes showed different Player entries on Player Info Screen and Tile info
  • Defense Monks and Necromancers now sport a red instead of blue model in battle
  • Fixed a bug that caused a Pro-Score display offset of 1 between Pro-Map and Pro-Boost Menu
  • Fixed the wrong stun duration display on Archimedes’ stats after equipping the Hero with Archimedes’ Wisdom Cape
  • Fixed an overlapping issue with the Ninja Icons on the Battle Loadout minimap

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