New version 5.2 available now // Patch Notes

(Disclaimer: It can take up to 1 day until you see the new version being available in the stores).

Royal Revolt 2 Version 5.2.0 is out now and with it a chunk of new Content, Improvements and Bugfixes you don’t wanna miss.

New Runes:
As previously announced, new, exiting Runes have now been added to the game! Have your Firebolt Towers send homing missiles after your enemies, let your Blockades shield your units as they hop over them or pull enemies right into the epicentre of the Sonic Blast’s damage with our new batch of Runes. There are more new ones to be found, so join forces with the Blacksmith and get cracking!

New “Current Pearl Upgrades” Screen:
You have been requesting it for years and the wait is finally over. Our new Pearl Upgrades Overview will not only list all of your currently available forgings, it lets you perform them right from the menu. Simply select the perks you’d like to forge and tap, tap, tap, just like that, perform multiple upgrades in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, it’ll show all active cooldowns and even allows sorting. The different menu sections also make it easy to switch between Items, Units, Spells and Obstacles. Things have never been this convenient.

New Item Perks:
3 new Perks are also making their debut in this version:

  • Critical Hit: Items with a Critical Hit perk will increase the hero’s chance of landing a blow with increased damage. (NOTE: With 5.2.0, your Hero will always have a chance for a Critical Hit, this perk increases this chance)

  • Treasure Hunter: This perk will increase your chance of finding Hidden Treasures in a battle.

  • Attack Speed: Your Hero’s attack speed will be increased.

Be on the lookout for new items carrying those awesome new perks.

Double the Gems for first-time In-App Purchases:
Get more for your cash with this new feature! Each Gem Package in the game’s Gem Shop will now grant double the Gems the first time you purchase it.

Other Improvements:

  • Tower positions in the Castle Defense Management now visually match their actual positions in battle

  • A new shortcut button makes it easy to reach the Token Inventory directly from the Battle Loadout

  • New shortcut buttons have also been added to make it easy to switch between Rune Production and Rune Inventory, Meltdown Menu and Forge

  • Obstacle Info Screens are now scrollable and show Rune effects as well

  • Rune Info Screens now list all eligible objects they can or cannot be applied to

  • Hidden Treasures now show a yellow dot on the progress bar, feature a stronger VFX for better visibility and play a sound effect as they drop

  • New warning message when replacing Runes, for better understanding

  • The Rune Inventory now features a new “All” and “Upgradeable” Tab for easier management

  • The 2nd Rune Slot can now also be unlocked with Gems

  • The Alliance Progress screen in Ninja Events no longer shows rounded values, but exact ones instead

  • Upgrading the Blacksmith and the Throne Room now also improves Rune quantity and quality

  • The Options menu has been moved into the Community menu (shortcut button at the top)


  • Fixed wrong Pal Flute Duration stat display

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a disconnect when collecting the free Uber Rune Chest

  • Fixed a bug that showed the “Meltdown time per Pearl” as minutes in the Blacksmith’s upgrade screen

  • Fixed a bug that led to a crash when tapping an empty Granny Shop slot

  • Fixed a bug that allowed attacks on inactive players

  • Fixed a bug that would cause a false range indicator for the Heal Tower

  • Fixed a bug that showed inconsistent Resistance Stats in a Basilisk Tower’s Info Screen and Stat View

  • Fixed a bug that would drop Hidden Treasures in the Castle Gate’s collision, making it impossible to collect them

  • Fixed a bug that showed a wrong Gold amount after collecting Gold as Hidden Treasure

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Alliance Button to flash after using a Festival Token

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Alliance Gold rewards to be properly displayed on the Conquest’s progress screen

  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to place inactive players in Watchtowers as Tower Guards


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Thank you for your understanding. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause on your side.