New version 5.3 released // Patch Notes

:crown: Kings and Queens,

Before we jump into the release notes for version 5.3, we wanted to let you know that we really appreciate all the feedback on Alliance Wars, not only over the last few days, weeks, months but also years of feedback that have reached us on the forums and other channels. We have dived into the feedback of the community and we want to make sure that the upcoming overhaul is as great as it can be. With thoughts on how to improve personal rewards, maps, balancing, Skull Bonus and boosts we are really embracing the opportunity to take more additional time to deliver our ambitious vision paired with the feedback received at the best possible level of quality and exciting gameplay fun. We cannot give you a new date yet when the War overhaul will come, but please be assured it will come and we hope you will like it.

Now onto the patch notes for version 5.3.

(Please bear in mind that it may take some time until the new version shows up in the store for download. Please note the Android version is currently only released to 25% of the players until we have statistics on the version’s stability. We will update you once this version is fully released on Android as well.)

Watch a short overview video here:

You all have been asking for it and we finally implemented them! Version 5.3 brings Q-U-E-S-T-S. All aboard the Hype-train! :train2:

There will be 2 types of Quests.

1. Daily Quests: These are short snack-like Quests you can finish daily offering a small reward.Over the course of a few days you can fulfill several Daily Quests to finish Weekly Quests. These offer a chest reward that gets better the more Daily Quests you fulfill.

2. Royal Progress: Whilst the old quest system will still be available for existing players as a Legacy feature (old players can still fulfill their quests) we now will be introducing these types of Quests that guide the player through the game. The more experienced players of you might have already finished some the Royal Progress quests and can just collect the rewards on the go :wink:.

Fresh as a daisy! Our new Shop! :shopping:

Everything can be found now in one central hub offering you a better overview and handling within the shop!

Coming in hot like Eldrak! Conquest improvements :fire:

Here are various Conquest improvements to make your life easier!

  • We have added the option to freely decide the size of Stronghold Resource Donations (Stones, Soldiers, Wisdom) to the Alliance.

  • Alliances losing a Conquest War now suffer from a longer War block for that tile than Alliances that were not involved.

  • Eyes open: We made the “build Watchtower here” markers visible for Soldiers as well.

  • Up your game and use the possibility of giving Watchtowers build-orders a priority with numbers from 1-9 (by repeatedly tapping the button).

  • The Stronghold Scene will now show the amount of Alliance Gold and available Builders.

  • You asked for this for a long time. We are happy to say that the Stronghold button will now flash whenever resources can be sent

Arrrr-e these new Runes? Yes! :star_struck:

Not one, not two but THREE new item Runes await you, offering you these unique effects:

  • Gloves Item Rune: Luck (Level 6 effect: increased Hero Scream Attack Rate)

  • Armor Item Rune: Gold (Level 6 effect: increased Speed)

  • Helmet Item Rune: Farmer (Level 6 effect: decreased Hero Scream Cooldown).

Other improvements. It’s the little things. :white_check_mark:

  • We added the functionality to collect all resource-related contents of a Chest with the single tap of a button.

  • More improvements on the Pearl Screen Overview were included, such as a filter to sort by objects that already have been pearl-upgraded, the total number of Pearl upgrades, the number of Gems and Pearls you have in total, and the total value of a pearl-upgraded stat. Additionally, we added a new “equipped” Tab to it.

  • The Hidden Treasure Yellow dot now has a priority and will always be displayed.

  • We are introducing a new reward type. Hello sweet XP. XP can now be additionally obtained from Hidden Treasures, Quests and Chests.

  • We will add the 3rd decimal number to the Skull perk due to very popular demand :wink:

  • The War Standings Screen will show if a player is online and we will add sorting buttons for Skulls and Trophies.

  • Decimal places in Russian now have a divider

  • The Voucher Bazaar Menu Card now turned to a shortcut button in Community Menu, while the Bazaar itself has its own section in the main Shop.

  • We are introducing a Middle Pal Chest Stack for 2500 Gems and we now have guaranteed Pals & Guardians in every chest stack that you pay with gems

  • The resource amount when finding Hidden Treasures has been increased for all resource types

Bugfixes: :bug::wrench:

  • Fixed: Back button in item screens of Pearl Upgrade Overview screen does not work correctly
  • Fixed: Halloween Gloves model is broken in battle
  • Fixed a bug that Alliance invitation option shows “custom” when using the left arrow
  • Fixed: Rare crash in the Community Menu
  • Fixed: Scrolling through Hero customization colours is broken
  • Fixed: Necromancer health and damage values incorrectly displayed in menus if Necromancer perks are equipped
  • Fixed: Black magic potentially copying too many Troops if cast during Eldrak spawn
  • Fixed: Magic chests sometimes have the wrong colour
  • Fixed: Stronghold Progress Overview Screen sorts inactive players in at the top
  • Fixed: Token button in Throne Room is not highlighted when receiving a new Token
  • Fixed: Redirection of Obstacles in Inventory in Pearl Upgrading Screen show an empty screen
  • Fixed: Crash when using the Blacksmith button inside the Rune production menu
  • Fixed: Show absolute numbers for Skeleton cooldown of Necromancer Unit in Pearl upgrading screen
  • Fixed: Show total cooldown of Spells in seconds and green in the pearl upgrade screen
  • Fixed: Supreme Victory in Conquest sometimes not achieved instantly
  • Fixed: Defense Bucky’s resistances and weaknesses are not displayed on his info card.

Please note that the following features are not activated until the force update has happened later this week:

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Hello there,
we have now fully released the version on Android as well :slight_smile:


Hey, hey :slight_smile:
We have released a version 5.3.1 on Android. Everything is the same, except that in the Korean store the currency sign is now correctly displayed. :slight_smile: