New Version 5.4. // Patch notes

:crown: Dear Kings and Queens,

Royal Revolt 2 Version 5.4.0 is here and starts 2020 with a bang! New Spell, new Runes, improvements you’ve been screaming for,…here’s what 5.4.0 has in store:

New Spell: Earthquake
It’s been a while since a new spell was added to RR2, which means it’s high time to once again shake things up. Literally. Enter the Earthquake Spell!
Sending a powerful tremor down the path (similar to Hans’ Lava Wave), dealing blunt damage to everything it touches, the Earthquake will give you some space as it pushes enemy units aside.
Up the ante with the corresponding pearl upgrades, that will e.g. petrify some of its pitiful targets. Get it now and wreak some serious havoc.

New Unique Runes:

  • Archer: Wouldn’t it be cool if Archers were just a little bit more resilient? Well, this rune will not only give Archers “Life Gain on hit”, Level 6 will also let them shoot twice as many arrows. Bullseye!
  • Arrow Tower: A true classic never runs out of style, especially when its Attack Speed is vastly increased and it starts shooting arrows that instantly kill enemies.
  • Black Magic: Ghost units will be summoned with additional health, making them harder to defeat. At Level 6, the spell will also grant you a powerful Life Drain Aura. Spooky stuff!
  • Earthquake: Boosting the newcomer amongst the spells, even more, this rune will not only increase the Earthquake’s pushback force but also send a 2nd tremor in the opposite direction at Level 6.
  • Mortar: Almost forgot about this bad boy, did ya? This new rune helps to put the Mortar back on the map with increased Movement Speed, the ability to also attack Obstacles (instead of Units only) and a new powerful attack that leaves nasty Toxic Puddles in its final stage.

Note: The Earthquake Spell and the new Runes will be activated for all users with a Live Server Update later this week (probably on Wednesday or Thursday). We will of course notify you about their availability as they drop.

Trophy “Lock” before Ninja Events:
Many of you have asked for a way to reduce the stress of reaching a high Ninja Event Reward Tier. Version 5.4.0 delivers the remedy. From now on you will be able to lock your Reward Tier based on your current Trophies at any time during the 24 hours prior to a Ninja Event (starting with the teasing phase). This way you can now sign up for your desired Reward Tier without fear of dropping below the requirements again.
Note: Even without “signing up” you will still automatically participate in Ninja Events like before. The feature is optional and simply intended to give players better control of what tier they want to enter the Event at.

Dismantling unwanted Runes:
Runes are awesome. Yet, there are probably some in your possession, that you don’t quite find a good use for. This feature will allow you to simply break down an unwanted Rune into 3 random Runes of a different Type and lower Level. For free.

Other Improvements:

  • It took some time, but you finally have them back: Dungeon Missions are replayable again, Test-Defense-Style.
  • Mailbox messages now indicate WHO started an Elite Boost.
  • Scrolls can now be unequipped entirely.
  • The 3 different Chat Channels (Alliance, Sticky Note, VIP) now have individual colors.
  • The Rune Inventory now also shows your current Pearl count.
  • “Sort by Skulls” has been enabled for the Conquest Progress Overview Screen.
  • The Beast icon on the progress bar in battle now always has priority over Unit icons.
  • When receiving a Hero Item from a Chest, a Meltdown-“Slots free: x/x”-display has been added.
  • A medium Pal Chest Stack has been added to the Chest Shop.
  • Virtual Stick Support (iOS&Android only): Just head over to the Options Menu and give this new control method a try!

Bugfixes: :white_check_mark:

  • Fixed a disconnect when rerolling multiple Daily Quests with a slow internet connection
  • Fixed a disconnect in the Rune Tutorial

Note: Depending on your platform it can take some time before the game arrives in your app store.

We hope you like our latest release! Let us know what you think here!