new version is so lag

it takes some seconds to display when i tap on everything. It´s very hard to shift down the alliance chat. Shall we have a new update to fix it?


Would be cool to know on which device and OS version you have this issue. :slight_smile:

i have same problem with lag on wp10 device Lumia 640. Before update everything works fine. Lag problem is on chat and search

the lag is for most players


on the WP 8.1 Lumia 920 the same problem. I think it is because of this ugly font.

Same problem on WP8.1 (Lumia 930).


Lumia 1520 WP10 same problem.

Does it lag only on the chat and the search, or does it lag as well in battle or any other moments in the game?

in chat and search.

i use wp, lumia 520



Nokia Lumia 625, Windows 8.1, the chat lags (a few seconds to show it, then 2-3 seconds to send a message) … And … What is This horrible font ? It Is too big, and the size is not balanced between texts


Look at the players names on the right, this is so… Ugly !!

That’s really ugly, please change that why did you even want to change the font ? The former one was good enough.

The new font works for all languages, so no more hidden or broken characters.

Yes, same lag, broken fonts and its color, Android 5.1


chat, the search and in battle. It’s look like low memory card and high quality graphic game.