New version soon?

Royal Revolt 2 got 4.5.0 yesterday. So can we expect Olympus Rising will have a new update soon? Maybe with the new hero and others stuffs? the last one was in July 2018. So I hope to see new stuffs soon

:slightly_frowning_face: Hope i am not alone to feel Olympus Rising got abandonned since a long moment and neglected. No more feedback about idea and suggestion. No more sneek peak from CaptainMorgan. Nothing. Can we have some information about what coming to Olympus Rising? Thanks. Since 6 month we have nothing. Show us more love. I am glad Royal Revolt 2 got finally the attention and CM that we have ask since over 2 years but now its OR who is neglected. Can you show us some details of the next version? some screenshot or sneak peek?

There might not be a lot to show yet. It would be cool to get a little more active participation from the team, though. It’s been quiet…

I miss the day CaptainMorgan talked to us each day and give us all the informations we asked. Old days I guess

I am also asking for feedback on your ideas always, but currently, the devs are very busy. I hope to have feedback soon. :slight_smile:

There is also a “plague” going round in the office with either being one dev sick, then the other one, and it is hard to get hold of them at the moment :slight_smile:

I can understand the frustration behind it. :slight_smile:


Can you hint at what they’re busy with?

Thank you for the informations. Just to hear they are busy its a good sign. Just that I am satisfy. That means a new version will come

PS : I wish them to be up on their feets. Good luck and take care of all of you :slight_smile:

I think it’s pretty clear that something happened/is happening with the team making the game. CM hinted at it when he posted recently. Might be close to the end of the line. Might mean a cool new game though! Never know. 

You mean they are making a new game and will close OR?

It feels like RR2 gets all the attention to me, doesn’t it feel that way to you?

Need to have an option to turn the graphics settings to ‘cartoony’ then you’ll see a lot more players joining!

Hi guys,

Captain Morgan will join the forum soon to provide you with fresh news from Mount Olympus and to discuss with you as he said in the comment below! Our love is still strong for Olympus Rising :slight_smile:



Captain Morgan: “[…] the next version which is currently in progress (hopefully we can share more soon).”



I understand all the waiting is tiresome especially because of the bugs you are mentioning correctly! but please bear with us for a bit longer.  :slight_smile:

Thank you for your continued patience.

Why all the silence and secrecy though? 

If people are on vacation, if they’re moving on to other projects, I think we would all understand that. 

I suppose if they are working on this game still and with the new war bonuses etc, sounds good. I wonder when the timetable is for release? Like mid 2019? 

But should maybe get on top of the bugs first, nothing worse than bugs on top of bugs!

I just don’t understand why they “hopefully” would be able to communicate with us soon. Is there a gag order? What the heck is going on at keenflare offices?

RR2 have close the version 5.0 release with some teasing since few days. So I guess OR version 4.5.0 will come at same time in some weeks I guess. Weird because before both had release at same time and same version. Since July 2018 OR have lose update and lose attention. 8 month later still at version 4.2.0 and they stop communication. 8 month its too much long for a update. all the love have go on RR2. We got version and 4.5.0 during OR been stuck with the same version since July 4.2.0

At this moment nothing to secure us. I am not secure about OR fate. on Ipad some game have lost support. Spellsouls and Ocean Legends. Mobile games going bad at this moment. Game after game be deleted and server shut down. Developer don’t make enough money or else or don’t have enough player. Mobile dying slowly. We live in a era where Mobile will not live enough longer. i have stop counting how much game I must delete on my Ipad because they are discontinued by developers

I have start play mobile in 2016. Today 3 years later the list of game who got deleted,shut down and erased have reach a critical way

That why I hurry to produce video and advance in OR. I don’t believe Flaregame will live longer. With Wartide deleted,Evoker deleted,Dawn of Steel no more support, Throne of War deleted, and so on… Zombie,Non stop Knight,Non stop Chuck noris with no more update since 2017

Remember google news about all the people fire at KeenFlare in November 2018

Flare want to secure us. Nothing show us everything going fine. If that was the case we should have a update each month or each 2 month like every healthy game I play on my Ipad.

Please give us more hope now. We need new version really soon… I hope for you this version is really huge but really huge. Close 9 month without update. Hurt OR



That was in February but since nothing. Close 9 month without update. What you do hurt OR if you didn’t realize. player quit in huge number. People lose hope each day,each week. No spoiler,no teasing,nothing. Its cool you said everyone will be back soon on the forum. People wants hope right now and not in 1 month or 5 month.

Hope for you the next version will worth the 9 month of waiting or its gonna hurt OR and probably kill it slowly. you cannot do a update and take 6,8 or 9 month.

the only think we know so far its you work on a new hero and work on Alliance bonus in War. Must be more huge than that. 9 month c’mon. Hope its not just that. Really hope its more gigantic than that. New mode,new hero, new unit,etc… 

next time try to return to the main source like 2014. you must give us update each month. Same if its just Bug fix. between 6-9 month for a update too much long for a schedule. If some developer will do that. 80% of game will die on mobile. You must deliver more often and more faster

I would be surprised. 

It was a server update, not a console update, but the new levels in November was bigger than a lot of numbered console updates.

That was still 5 months ago, which is significant, but it wasn’t 9 months ago.

I don’t care about via server update. I talk about via update. Look carefully in Latest update. Version 4.2.0 has been released in July 2018. August (1), September (2) October (3) November (4) December (5) January 2019 (6) February 2019 (7) March 2019 (8) and probably will come in April so (9)