New version

I have a update in Windows Store? what is it? 

Probably a fix for the varius bugs that have been found so far with the latest 2.9.0 update

ah ok thanks

i see they fixed a bit the font size

The font change is noticably, finally. However, I do feel it has only changed regarding size of  names, in the leaderboard etc. Maybe a bit in alliance chat as well but not sure about it, but in friends chat it is still huge in my opinion, too big still.

The comma separate back as well :slight_smile:


The alliance message and the chat look likely still same like before with big font size

That’s what I thought. Alliance chat looks ok to me anyway however in messages font is too big, I can see only 3 messages on one page, annoying a bit.

In official announcements they said the fonts are being fixed.

Ok this is a new version available :

mine is stuck in windows store but If I can get it. I am curious to see the new font

Apparently my download is stuck and don’t move. I have no choice to do my upgrade of Windows build and take like 2 or 3 hours to do it and fix the bug in Windows Store.

Was too big, gonna now complain that it’s too small, I guess I’ll never be satisfied with the font unless it goes back to the original one. Everyone’ll hate me for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, at least they solved the comma problem, the one that I mentioned some time ago :grinning: . And I agree with the previous comments - the message box still looks terrible. The chat isn’t much better.

Seriously its that you call a fix? its the same bad horrible font but smaller. With some name is so small you can’t read it. We want the old one back its not that hard to understand Flaregames. Sometime I don’t know if they read english properly. I have read i think its on wiki Flaregames its German team not sure. We don’t have said the front its too big,we have said its too horrible and we want the old one back like version before 2.2.0

The old one can’t come back as it doesn’t work for all languages.

Seems we’ll never go back with the old font sadly

you tell me its like that Flaregames think? penalize 3/4 of player in this game for maybe 1/4 or less who don’t read their language. We have to support this new horrible font since 2.6.0 because of some people? if its really like this sorry but its a bad way to think. In normal world a compagnie gonna satisfy 3/4 of the fan and forgot the 1/4 who don’t like that

Do you really think when a compagnie do a video game like Nintendo they ask how to satisfy everyone? They do the game and try to take a public target and the others just ignore them.

Take Blizzard their game target player who love RTS game or hack and slash game their goal its not target kid or whatever. Activision their goal its satisfy player who love FPS or game like Skylanders,etc…

If Flaregames try to satisfy everyone its exactly that happen right now its a disaster. 

My question is why since 2 year all working perfectly and suddenly their try to satisfy everyone? its not like that in the real world. You cannot satisfy everyone

The best example i can give you here its game like Resident Evil who start with survivor horror style and change in survivor TPS style because Capcom have change the style of the game because to follow the graphic and the story of the game and yes the public target who was fan in the first 1,2,3 has gone when come 4,5,6 and when the 7 come out in January 2017 they gonna lose again more people because this game his now a FPS horror game like Outlast

Sometime a compagnie have no choice to do that but maybe with huge risk to lose all people

Here Flaregames if they want to lose all player for me its the best way. Change and satisfy the 1/4 player and don’t care about the 3/4

Continue to change the game and not respect the original one and I am sure you gonna lose all player one day.


There is no problem with the font. There is “only” a problem with the scaling function,
that tries to fit text (e.g. a players name) into an area on the screen.

THAT function is bugged or not “trained” for the new character sizes on all platforms.
On my iPhone everything is looking fine. So just give them time to fix it :slight_smile:

Another problem is with chat. Every time a message comes up with ‘so and so connected’, it’s always misaligned, either too high or too low.

If you a gun person play > Modern Combat 5 : Blackout 

its on my list this game plus many others but I don’t have time to try new game maybe later. I play like 20 game or more at the same time for my Youtube channel and with a cap of 40 GB its very hard to put all on my channel. I accumulate them in my PC and my RR2 video are like 4 month late I still have like 100 video or more to put before I can add the last zombie event. 

Maybe I can try to remove the game I don’t play and look If I can try Modern Combat 5 but I wait to have a PC more powerful than that. I have a old shit PC who can hardly record 30 FPS game. Some game I wait to record them at 60 FPS with better graphic and stuffs.

and where I live my internet its not fast enough. Before end 2017 my ISP its suppose to build new satellite and offer us like 20 Mbps of speed I hope the data cap will be over 100 GB or more

Modern Combat : Blackout 5
best shooting game I ever play

you do alot of videos 
good job