New War Boost: Freeze Gate

Why not add some more boosts to the wars! Instead of having the same boosts to compete for, CHANGE THINGS UP!! The Freeze Gate would slow down all the units that is hit by arrows, and then maybe a flood of snowballs that comes out, similar to Doom Gate

They should turn current rewards in regular boosts. Problem is that boosts depend on a certain level and war boosts strength on fiefdoms. Just assign them to some alliance levels and make some levls strengthen the current boost plus some of these war boosts.

Make three seasonal boosts and give them instead as a price. Every seasonal boost can be extended till start of next season. Advantage is that no team has an advantage at the start. And make those boosts worth it to win plus prolong.

Very nice idea. Dracomancer,Dragofroster,Doom Gate and so on… they are ok but this game need more change in Wars. a Freeze Gate. Just to have that to up my defense. Sure I will work very hard to search for 20% or more skull perk to help my team win.

Lol ironically this will be a bad boost to have with the current system. Why would I want to have a boost to help my enemies get 100%? With the boost, my enemies will have more time to take down my gate towers while I help slow down their units.

I’m for this as long as it is not a replacement for Dooms Gate, but an alternate maybe every other week or every forth week!

That literally makes no sense, whatsoever

It kinda makes sense, considering that if your units don’t take down the gates as fast youll have more time to take down towers nearby. But I feel like the situations where this would make a difference would be very rare. Point is, different war rewards = good

Okay, thanks for explaining! But, it still is a stupid remark by LacunaC, cause it would MAJORLY affect you when you only have about 10 seconds left, or even 15-20! So much so, that it may cause you to actually lose the battle because of it

It’s not a stupid remark, it makes complete sense. When troops are slowed down by the gate, the gate will not fall as fast as it should. So hero has more time to reload spells and still destroy those gate towers. 

Gate towers are a different story, I still think that time should go on, when gate falls and gate towers didn’t fall yet OR that those towers didn’t do what they should do, protect the gate and should be counted as destroyed. 

What are you confused about, Dena? The point of any boost, is to make it to where the attacker cannot win, is it not?

I am not the one who is confused, in fact you are young man. You show signs of serious RR2 addiction lately. So my advice is to relax and realize it’s a game, no more no less. Don’t spend all day long on this game, your school is more important.

The goal of a defensive boost is to make it harder to win 100%. the suggested boost is not making it harder to win at all, since a hero scream will remove that slowdown effect. It’s in fact making it more easy to win 100%. LacunaC is completely right. Even when raiding a very simple base, the faster the gate goes down, the harder it is to destroy towers at the gate area. 

Wanna test it? Raid a base of 500- trophies with complete gate area filled. Use your troops and make sure to stay with them till just before the castle gate area. When you arrive there, you have plenty of time left for sure. Even only offensive ninjas will be enough to destroy the gate in no time. Since the gate goes down by the slightest touch/damage, the odds are higher than zero that you don’t score 100%. 

Now imagine those troops are slowed down indeed and do less damage to the gate. It’s no doubt the gate will fall, only… You get more time to destroy the towers, it’s as simple as that. And that’s in 95%+ times the case for sure. when players fail, the fail earlier in the raid by hero being killed or troops killed by towers/beast.

What makes it easier to prevent it? Yep, slowing down troops, preventing them to do their damage. Only the raiders arriving at the last moment might lose due to being late, but that’s more the mistake of the raider or due to other boosts/towers/troops. Anything making it harder to destroy the gate will increase the odds to win 100%.

A doom gate kills troops plus hero when he isn’t careful, so then it makes sense. Slowing down troops when there is plenty of time left makes no sense at all. And during majority of raids, there will be more than enough time left. So what purpose has slowdown on troops? None I would guess, since ogre is immune for slow down effects.

Actually, lol, it’s forum addiction. Even though, I haven’t really been on the forums THAT much

Ask my alliance members, I haven’t been able to be on the game for more than 15 minutes in a few days. I know school is more important and family is too, that’s why I’m taking this week in the game much less than normal (which is less than an hour anyway). I have a big paper coming up and so I’m studying for that. I realize the RR2 is a game. Unfortunately, I seriously don’t believe that I’ll be playing this game after this year. It’s seems to me like RR2 has become more like a job than a game. It’s a struggle to finish all the attacks in a war, and when you have stuff to do on weekends and Friday’s, the ninja event can be a hassle as well. I don’t think that it’ll be good for me to continue playing the game, especially since I’ll be going into my Sophomore year in HS. And since year one is always the easiest, I think it’s for the best that I leave

I totally agree on this. I don’t know what the hell LacunaC talk about. We talk about a idea of make a Freeze Gate shoot maybe frozen arrow so that slow units one by one. Not like Lacuna think. we don’t suggest to create gigantesque cannon ball who explode and freeze the entire units and will give advantage to the attacker. That make damage and slow down only the units who been touch by a arrow. So its not really a big deal. what we suggest don’t give you any advantage at all its the inverse that give the advantage of the defenser and protect the base and reduce raiding success. Its like a Sniper Tower but shoot from the Gate and slow down the units by 50% or around. Maybe just just a little more faster thant the Sniper Tower

however we suggest that but can be something else. Its just a idea like that. Can be black hole who appear and freeze units who been touched for 2 or 3 seconds and damage them over time. The idea its really good but just work on the concept

You don’t know what the hell I’m talking about because you didn’t read the first post. @AwesomestKnightest suggested a flood of snowballs just like Doom Gate.


It’s obvious you’re just prejudicial. Otherwise you would have read it properly for the sake of being constructive.

wrong, some people just have poor (no) reading / comprehension skills and/or not able to understand.

going to be elitist / mean, but you can guess here that the ones happy with this gate suggestion probably do not know flare purposely made HP boost of doom gate low for the same reason - it made it easier to get 100%. Top players did not want the doom gate boost at all. Its like granny event, not only is it useless, its detrimental.

No he did read it right, but he just left out the part of the flood of snowballs. This is the exact reason that I put MAYBE when I mentioned the flood of snowballs

Can’t imagine why, since civility here seems to be lacking as of late… lol

You’re contradicting yourself like warriornator now.


When you say “maybe … (adds suggestion)”, you are suggesting it. This is a suggestion thread after all.


Then I responded with “it will be a bad boost…”, and gave reasons why I thought so. The “will” as a future tense is a response to your “maybe” as a suggestion.


The only thing out of context here is warriornator stating that you never suggested such a thing. Having the word “maybe” doesn’t negate it. If anything, it adds to the weight of it being just a mere suggestion.


It is funny how Warriornator has such a tone to someone who gives constructive criticism to your thread.


In any event, the principle is the same. Slowing units down at the gate is a bad idea for defense. Changing it to a single arrow doesn’t change that fact. It merely changes the degree of how bad it is, i.e. if my entire units get slowed down, I have few seconds extra to destroy the gate, if only 2-3 units get slowed down by a single repetitive arrow, then I get the extra split seconds to destroy the gate. If you’ve played the game long enough, you will definitely experience situations where the gate tower has like few pixels left of health, and that split seconds could have worked in favour of you.


Last but not least, a little advice to you. You can choose to disagree, but at least respond with actual content. Saying “someone’s response doesn’t make sense” or “someone’s post is bad” without stating a reason, or, like warriornator, stating reasons by not reading the actual post, is just bad. Since you like the forum, this is one healthy way to keep the forum alive.


@LacunaC wow its a sport here to misunderstood the others and deform completely what the others have say or totally just say no sense stuffs for fun. Read again a second time. I think you really need it. I never have say Awesowestknightest never suggest it. I have say he never have propose a boost who make the entire units slow down. Your misleading to read make you write wrong comment sense.  

I can add and still think you don’t know what you talking about when you talk about this idea of boost. First go and play Olympus Rising you will know more about slow down effect. If you take by example Chaos Gate who create black hole and suck your units and slow down at 50% or more. You can’t only relay on your units. Be prepare because you need very strong Hero to defeat alone the Chaos Gate and at Ascension level 130 trust me with over 700K HP + the Defender. Many of the best player fail to succeed in a raid. Many have complain how hard the Chaos Gate is. So don’t come and pretend you know what you talking about you have no idea sorry.

The Freeze Gate will make you swear a lots if you don’t know how to deal with. (of course if this boost is well make)

Edit : You are against this idea of boost. Fine you have take your position its ok. I have see in Olympus Rising what slow down can do and I am sure the idea of Awesomestknightest can be awesome if the concept first is well make. that why we must exchange idea and develop the concept

First and foremost, learn how to write with proper grammar. I am not just being pedantic. I genuinely do not understand your seemingly contradictory statements. For example, these two statements made by you back to back are contradictory:-



The first part of the sentence says you never said he never said it. With a double negative, does that mean that you agree he said it?


The second part of the sentence then says that you did say he has never proposed a boost to make the entire unit slow down.



What’s more confusing is, if you meant he never suggested it, then until now, you clearly did not read the first post. He did suggest a flood of snowballs.

If you meant he did suggest it, then you are contradicting your first post in this thread.

Either way, you are contradicting yourself.


If you still cannot comprehend this, then there’s really no point being constructive with you, because like what FourofJacks said, some people just have no comprehension skills.