New War Boosts....another war boost suggestion

So, some of you may know that Season 5 of Fortnite: Battle Royale kicked off today, and it brought me to an idea for that game (The Flamethrower weapon, which would be a really cool weapon), but then I thought, “hey, that’s not so bad of an idea to go into RR2.” So, here we are. We all hate having to fight for the same boosts over and over and over. We need new boosts to spice things up. One boost that would be sure to add some real zing to the game, would be the “Flamethrower”. As it seems, this boost would go with the Pyromancer, and I have a few suggestions as to what it could do


A) Permanent fire aura around each Pyromancer spawned, or

B) The Pryomancer, instead of throwing one ball of fire, throws three fireballs at the same time. A triple attack!

Another war boost that could be added in, would be the “Bomber” boost. This would really help with the whole, “the gargoyle is useless” discussion. This boost would do one of two things


A) Each Gargoyle spawned holds a HUGE bomb that deals twice the damage it normally does, or

B) Drop a bomb then drop on the ground and fight by your king’s side.

Note: There is no buffed health for the gargoyles with either of these two suggestions of the Bomber


Share your thoughts on this idea and feel free to add more boost ideas!!

Whatever it is, no.

lol, that’s why I said, some. Cause I know that there are some players here that do

I was kidding around lol. Just poking fun at the meme that hating on fortnite has become. I actually like the ideas ?

I’m not too fond of this idea, as many rich alliances would extend the Dracomancer boost and along side these it would be WAY TOO OP.

It would be cool if you could only have one of these boosts or the Dracomancer, never 2 of these at the same time.

A: The boost would be cool, I don’t know if it wouldn’t be too OP though.

B: Sounds pretty cool.

Adding another one:

“Surprise Bomber”:

Each Gargoyle Bomb has a chance of causing a surprise status effect

Explanation: Besides dealing blunt damage, just like Nemesis Bombs each bomb upon blowing up could also provoke:
Poison, Fire, Frost (?), or even a mini-chain Electrical surge? (e.g.: Necros)

Or random, you don’t know which element it will explode with. That would be kind of cool

Love all of these!!! Funniest thing I’ve seen, however, is that Shadow quoted me and the “B)” part of the topic point turned into ") 

Yes, that was exactly my idea!

For example: You summon 4 gargoyles and each one can provoke a different effect!

Man, I tried so badly to avoid that emoji but I just coudn’t  

Scrap all useless war boosts. Instead give something else like gems or alliance gold or multiple pals or anything else to each player of winning teams

The important word here being:  useless.  Only the useless boosts should be removed. Dracomancer and Dragofroster are fine, along with Surprise Mummy and the Arblaster one (the name slips my mind). In Star Wars: Commander, after a war season, each player was given personal rewards for winning. And, if you didn’t win, you still got rewards, but significantly worse. Maybe a new special war chest for the alliance comes up and the Leader gets to open it. In it contains the boosts that you receive for winning. And the boosts should automatically be top tier boosts. Of course, the 3 worst alliances won’t get anything like usual, but everyone still gets the personal rewards. I just think it’d be better to randomize the boosts in the war. This way it makes interesting every season. No one can intentionally drop cause they don’t what they’re battling for!!

Arblaster = frenzy frost blaster

Ah, yeah, thanks