New war mechanism coming?

Everything resetted after the server update. Every allinace edge edge having same colour. No war season history. And next war is 22 days ??



@PaSte @Pete @Lisa What about the picture below…this is surely a wrong step?

Don’t worry, it’s a bug that will be fixed with 4.0  

Maybe it’s just me that I’m sleepy 

But… What’s wrong? The duration? 55days seems unlimited lol

The rules always have been that you can prolong a won War Boost as long as you have the chance to win it again. As the Wars are now taking place less often, the time between the wars and therefore the time until you can win the War Boosts again is extended. Which makes the War Boost even more valuable. Hope that explains.

This info is not correct. Please read further down my new comment.

This will cost us a lot of gold for maximum prolonging ?

But why exactly the war session history got wiped out and all allinace has wooden edge in their emblem?

So in other words, we still get 10 days war boost, the rest we need to extend ourselves? Sounds costly. 

Current situation is that we have the war boosts till first day of next season, without the need of prolonging them. If we want to prolong them longer, it’s not a real problem. 

But in next situation the period between war seasons becomes longer, so in fact we need to spend more gold to keep them till the end of the season where we can win them again. That will be very costly.

we asked for more price war boost, and they just increased their cost…)))

Let’s see if I can calculate the difference.

Current situation:

  • War season A -> week 1
  • Ninja Event -> Week 2
  • War season B -> Week 3
  • Ninja Event -> Week 4

New situation:

  • War season A -> week 1
  • Ninja Event -> Week 2
  • Conquest mode -> Week 3
  • War season B -> Week 4
  • Ninja Event -> Week 5
  • Conquest mode -> Week 6

So in the new situation to retain war boosts we need to spend gold during 14 extra days. Question remaining is if we also benefit during conquest mode from retaining war boosts or not. I bet that’s definitely the case, otherwise it would not be worth more to win the war boosts and keep them (to have them during conquest mode available). 

Since we most likely won’t raid bases of players during conquest mode, the only attractive war boosts to keep for that goal are the pyro, froster, frenzies and mummy. Okay, since we need to spend more gold to keep war boosts alive, can we expect the skulls to be removed from the cof as a gesture for the increased gold alliances need to pay as compensation or a longer period of free war boosts? I guess not. 

The argument that we need to spend more cash to keep war boosts active till the end of the season where we can win them again makes them more valuable is a literally not done. The only one profiting from that is flare. Why not extending boosts for a few more days for free? Then it’s more valuable to win those boosts, even for teams not able to extend boosts.

14 extra days (going for a boost from the same kind of warseason)

Indeed, two conquest modes between. Will correct that.

Will the rewards of Ninja & War also be increased or they will remain same ?

I bet they stay same (I hope I am wrong).

So can someone confirm that war boosts stay 10 days active after winning them or do we get them a few days longer? And… rewards for ninja event (pearls and chests) do they increase? 

And finally, what prices can we gain in conquest mode as a team plus individual player?


I think it’s too quick to jump the gun even IF ninja event has the same rewards. If it is looked at in isolation, one will of course think “oh no I’m getting less pearls”. BUT, I am confident that there will also be opportunities to earn pearls in Conquest Mode, which balances out the fact that ninja event is going to be less frequent.

Yes, it’s also not meant to be like shooting with a gun, targeting them and acting like we don’t like what’s going on was not my intention. That’s why I ask what we can expect. That rewards stay same, fine with me, no problem. 

I sincerely hope that conquest mode rewards active and helping players in a similar way like the ninja event. 

Actually I am looking forward to the new release.

Wait and see, now it finaly looks like something is happening ?

My alliance has the war history from last war and all Alliances have different sigils. In which Alliance are you? Can you make a screenshot of your Alliance Leaderboard? 

Sure thing ! 

For us, (Last Bread Fighters) also no War History. There are different Sigils but it seems more wooden ones than there should be.
(Checked on iOS and Windows 10)