New war mechanism coming?

Same problem, there is no history of war. 

There is still a history of war season. And now I am recording now.


I made a record in a hurry…

Has not the server update come to Japan yet?


The boost we have won runs for 10 days

Must be only some of the allinaces are affected by this bug…Ur allinace seems ok…but not ours ?

Thank you for your reply.
I will wait for the bug to be fixed.too

WoW, so only 10 days for free on the warboosts (same as before)? So how exactly does that make them more valuable than before?

I think since they also can be used during conquest mode, if your team extends some of them. Otherwise you only have them for a part of the new conquest mode. Facing a team with or without war boosts can be the difference between victory or losing I guess during the next war season or conquest mode.

For a lot of teams extending one or more war boosts is no option, they have to decide to either save gold to grow or to extend those war boosts. So either way, have enough members with high donation to maintain them or suffer the consequences when you face a team with those boosts. 

That makes war boosts more valuable. 

Having said that, without war boosts a team can also win, just boost, wolf, ogre, knights should be enough to beat bases, that have war boosts. 

Not being able to get them for a longer period of time makes them more valuable.

Yep, when you don’t win them, you don’t have them for a longer period of time (you won’t have them till the end of the season you can gain them again). Very well observation.

Hmm, and with all new stronghold-stuff needing teamgold too, all teams that need/try to save for lvl80 will be even more screwed than before… wars needs teamgold to be able to win the boost, more gold needed to prolong them. So basically it won’t be possible anymore to level up further

Let me try to write down my concerns according war seasons in combination with conquest mode in a constructive way. 

In the new release 4.0, it seems that frequency of war seasons now take place every 3 weeks instead of every 2 weeks. Nowadays we already see that teams only participate during one war season and dump trophies during the other. Reason is known, it increases the odds to win the war boosts of choice during the war season that they can be gained. And… during that season they try to accomplish it with the lowest amount of fiefdoms required.

Some other teams even skip entire war seasons, since they try to upgrade their alliance, but that’s another story. 

Why would a team win 5 fiefdoms, while even 0 fiefdoms would give them the boost they are looking for? The number of fiefdoms required depends of course on the reward needed to be won (first, second or third place). So when we can get the desired boost for just becoming third place, why would we even do our best to get first or second place? So what we see is that at the end a lot of teams deliberately lose fiefdoms they don’t need on purpose. Why risk to face much stronger teams the next couple of seasons?

In the new release, the period of time required to win the same boosts again, only increases (by two more weeks in total). Losing the war boost your team is after, makes it that a team has to wait 2 extra weeks, before that boost can be won again. And that’s long, instead of 4 weeks, it becomes 6 weeks and it’s no guarantee to win it, because other teams also dump fiefdoms. This sounds odd, it actually may lead to more heavy trophy dumping or… Like my team does, maintain 2 alliances and switch when war seasons become too hard. even that’s no guarantee for an easy war season.

I think it should be stimulated to win as much fiefdoms as possible, although I feel the opposite effect is now accomplished. Teams taking as much fiefdoms as possible will be actually be punished even harder instead. That can’t be the intention of adding the new conquest mode.

There is a way to stimulate getting more fiefdoms, but that is up to flare. So make duration of war boosts for example dependent of number of fiefdoms won. Make free war boost duration dependent on the end result (Getting first, second or third) place, the number of fiefdoms you won, plus the number of total fiefdoms. Then it’s worth keeping fiefdoms, when duration of days for free boosts depends on it. And maybe… Make it only possible to prolong boosts till the start of the season they can be won again. Every team has then the same chance to win them. Like I said, that’s up to flare.

My main concern is the new conquest mode that is added, in relationship with war boosts. At the moment we still benefit from war boosts during the first day of the next war season. when we aren’t able to prolong them, we risk to lose boosts from the next season (and of course not to win them in the season after). A lot of teams cannot afford to extend the boosts, so I fear it also has a huge impact on the end result of conquest mode (that mode lasts for 9 days). We see the following sequence, war season, ninja event, conquest mode. 

During ninja event the team benefits from the war boosts, but only first part of the next conquest mode will those boosts help. In non top team matches, having war boosts or no war boosts definitely determine the outcome of the result, a team without war boosts can be eliminated in the first day (a team with war boosts also, but at least those boosts should help them somewhat to prevent it).

So I expect that war boosts also can have a deep impact on conquest mode. I expect that the final days decide who claims most resources. And teams having war boosts and being able to prolong them are most likely benefiting. We know that half of the teams don’t have war boosts, since they end on place 4-6. Having no war boosts could hurt them during the next two conquest modes, so they get less resources. I don’t know yet the benefit/impact from those resources, but if they also have impact on the following war season in any way, a team not winning a price during war season can be in deep trouble and losing multiple war seasons in a row. 

As a result of not gaining war boosts, teams can fall apart, since the period for the next chance on boosts only will take longer. we have seen enough boost seekers, jumping from team to team in the past.

Is there anything flare can do to give a more positive turn to this? Yes, war boosts become more valuable, but not gaining them (and no possibility to prolong them) should not punish teams in such a way that their existence even comes into danger. So are there any considerations for lowering the impact/consequences for not winning a war boost? I leave in the middle whether or not winning doom gate or gargoyle nest has advantages or not during conquest mode, that we will have to figure out. 

Okay guys. Two things:

  1. For the next war, the free time for the won war boosts will be longer then before. It is scaled with the extension of the time between wars. So if the time between wars is twice as long as before, the free time is also twice as long.

  2. Re the missing War History and the Sigil frame: We needed to touch the scheduling for the Wars, Conquests and all other events and this lead for some Alliances to this problem. We do not really know why but we are currently not able (time wise) to fix this, as we need to focus on the conquests. We just do not have time for this and we hope very much that you can live with it. It will be working again properly with the next war. We are very sorry for that and really hope for your understanding.

Okay, sounds fair. This means that for the currently won war boosts, the period stays 10 days, but for the next season it will increase. Thank you @Pete for informing us, it’s appreciated. 


This kind of honesty is refreshing.

I don’t really care much about the frames anyway.

Thanks to this, now we have to spend much more gold.

Don’t you think that the costs should be lowered then, to compensate?

It’s really unfair, specially for the alliances trying to level up.

Ok, sorry about my previous post.

I just saw the explanation right now.

Sounds fine then, thanks for the explanation @Pete

I don’t get your complaint.

First of all, if your alliane is trying to level up then the costs to extend boosts don’t matter because you can’t afford them anyway. Your focus is to save gold to level up, not to spend it on war/pro boosts.


As for the costs, the time between wars will double (1 month -> 2 months), and so the free boosts will doube their duration too (10 -> 20 days). That means everything stays the same in that regard.

In fact, it might even be better for alliances that could not get the same boost in a row (they’d get lets say pyros 10 days from 1 season, then try to get pyros again but fail… but now they’ll get pyros for 20 days).

And it could also be worse if you miss the boost you wanted. Now you’re going to have to wait 2 months for it.


The stakes are higher = wars will be more competitive.

You probably didn’t see my post after that one.

I didn’t refresh my page, so I didn’t see Pete’s explanation right away.

Thus, I missed this part of his explanation:

So, as I said before: “I’m sorry”.

In fact, I agree that it may be more positive if you win them.

On the opposite, if you lose the war, you’re bound to wait another whole month.

Which isn’t also so bad to spare some gold :slight_smile: