New war olympus rising

Hello, my name is R4LF and I play in GOW, I would like to put an idea of ​​a new war model.

The new format in which I thought could be model of Cup as the soccer.

  • 24 teams divided into A and B sides.

So we’ll have 12 teams on each side. The wars would be:
1- 4 teams, thus there being 3 wars in that format
2- 3 teams, so there are 4 wars.

The 2 best teams on each side qualify for Semifinals 1 vs 1 and then the final 1 vs 1
.there will be a match for the 3rd place and the prizes given in the season.

I hope I have helped, and that all players can also give their opinion.

Tks R4LF

I love this idea and I hope @CaptainMorgan reads this thread :slight_smile:


Yeah not a bad idea

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This is a fun idea, but would take a very long time to build and test and would require a very big overhaul of the War system. That said we will take the ideas you’ve mentioned and see if we want to work something similar into future features.

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