New War Season Plan

Greetings Olympians,

As you may have noticed, after several days of silence, we have updated the server with fixes for the problems we had at the start of the last War.

We  will  begin a new War Season. The current War Season will be ended, which means that Alliances will get promoted/demoted depending on their current positions, but no rewards will be given out.

The next Season will be shorter than usual; it will consist of the 3 Wars which you have not yet had a chance to play - Duel > Confrontation > Incursion, with no weekend break between Wars. You will, however, have a chance (finally) to win the full Season Rewards at the end of this shortened season.

The Preparation Phase for the first War of this new Season is planned to start on Tuesday 26th June, this is so that we can be sure we are available to respond as quickly and efficiently as we can to any problems which might crop up, though hopefully this time that will not be necessary.

Compensation for problems caused by the broken War last Friday will arrive starting tomorrow.

Thank you all for your support and patience.

  • Your Olympus Rising Team