New way to merge alliances?

Now if 2 alliances want to merge there are some troubles, mainly 3 issues: 

  • alliance level 
  • pals donated
  • alliances name merge

What if you can implement in-game the possibility to ask to another alliance for a merge (one time option) where you choose the permanent alliance and the second alliance that wants to merge in the other will be transferred for example the gold treasury and the pals donated. 

I see many alliances around that have to find workarounds just because doesn’t exist this option. Also add the option to edit the alliance name when there is the merge. Would be awesome.

I’m sure someone’s gonna argue that this opens the door for “farm” alliances full of alts to get extra gold and pals for the main alliance. I get the “one time” factor would be there to prevent that but two alliance can merge, why wouldn’t the resulting alliance merge with yet another one (because members left/quit or whatever other legit reason).

But jokes aside, this is a good idea. It’s far too hard for smaller alliances to find enough players so it’d be much better to have one stable and active alliances instead of two half dead ones. I doubt it’ll be implemented though…

Kinda agreed… There is possibility of abuses

This is a great idea, thanks for suggesting! We will discuss it and see if we can implement that in the game in the future! 

I think at this point a new game would be welcome… If not for donating I have pretty much quit lol

I like the overall idea and I see where you are going with that, but there are some ways to skew this suggestion