new worker inside the power building

the game added recently a 5th worker to the buildings , but what really takes alot of time and need extra worker to catch up with older players is sherine of powers 

there’s alot of spellings especially after you added artimes , it will take for ever to upgrade them 


Why should this game let you max all elements in some month? It is intended to take “forever”. And I can tell you that the game gets quite boring when you have everything maxed…

it would still take very long time to get things done more than a 2 years if you started now , but the game needs to stay competitive .

It is a good idea. Since a lot of forces, especially in Ajax and Artemis, because of this, my Ajax is still very weak.

Actually it becomes boring when ppl don’t know their targets. Those that maxed everything out, have a chance to enjoy 10 skulls challenges, chill with the “forge” (even though the fun was taken away), and play the wars without worrying that they need to farm for upgrades.