New World Border alliance is looking for long term members

New World Border alliance is a brand new alliance started by me, my gamer tag is deniseus, look me up. 

I decided to start my own as the alliance I was with for 4 months was just not great at participating on a consistent basis. Currently it is just me at level 82 with pretty good offense and defense.

I speak English, Spanish and Serbo-Croatian but any language is welcome, that’s why we have Google Translate :slight_smile:

I only ask any new members to join the battles as much as possible and support with donations. Without donations, our alliance is weak.

I will take up to 20 new members - I am looking for long term members with level of at least a 70. 

I am based on the West Coast of the US, PST.

Thank you!

Any interest in merging into a mid-rank alliance with 20+ open spots?

Long term members is what we also are. Any interest  ?  we have few spaces available

Could you tell me the alliance name?

Thank you for the offer Gerger, but really just looking to start my own alliance and manage it :) good luck!

Our Alliance is #ADN


Can you guys please use another thread or DM one another? Not hijack somebody else’s thread.

well im looking for active alliance I have 2 accounts 115 and 125 level and love helping lower players grow

Cananefates Oordeal is my alliance


Are you looking to join my alliance or are you asking me to join yours?