New Years Poll about Flares Performance in 2017

Please answer the questions to give Flare a picture of how you would rate their performance in the above categories.

Please note that there is only a limited number of poll questions allowed, so I had to merge some things which might have deserved some more differentiated attention.
Be fair in your answers! It will be possible to see who rated what in different categories.

I might repeat these questions in a few monhs to see if there is any change.

Thank you for participating!

Here Flare all depend of what you gonna do. You read me and apply what I gonna say. your company will survive. You ignore us its over. Its your last chance nothing less

Its 2018 and I feel I am generous to help you to bring your company up on the rail

  1. About this one just stop be cheap and bring P2W content and ignore Free Player. You must add Free content and think about free player and all gonna be fine. If you add what we ask (If you have no clue check Suggestion and Improvement List Page 14 I have write all you need to know)

2.For this one we have ask you to change the War Season, improve War matchmaking, change COF and others stuffs. All write in Page 14 in Suggestions section with related topic

* Change Wars. New revamp totally

* Improve Matchmaking to have fair battles and more fun battle

* Change COF design. I have suggest to add key or give 3 chest on 6 per raid and remove the random part. If you add X numbers to open all chest. by example level 1 to 10 is 3 gems, Level 11 to 20 is 5 gems and so on… This way player have more fun to play and you will continue to receive money for Gems Packages. Win win situation

3.For this one you must stop to relay on us. We report bug yes but its you to test it and find what its going on and how to fix it. We are not paid to test and find the solutions. You should be enough professional to find it and fix them all. Not 3 or 4 year later. Few days after or in the next update

4.Here I should suggest to fire all your personal in support team because they answer like perfect idiots. When I ask for help I don’t want to receive a answer like : Sorry that you have a bad experience in the game’’ and nothing more like ‘’ we don’t care fuck you!’’ or answer like : ’ I don’t know what you talking about’’ like if the guy behind the PC is ■■■■■■ and not really fast to understand a easy demand. Hire professional and respectful person who will give appropriate answer and solve problem of the player

If someone ask you to give him a Uber item and said the name of the Uber you should answer : Sorry you have lost this item we will give you 500 gems and allow you to buy a Uber chest to have a chance to recuperate the item or just give it in the inventory. Its virtual stuffs so compensate should be something you do. Remember customer have always right. Stop to answer your system don’t find no issues about our account or other shit like this. Customers have right and you should give them what they ask. Point final. Every company know that

the perfect example I can give his about Ninja Event. I have record video for Ninja Event and suddenly a bug give me 99% because my fire aura ring have destroy a Lightning tower very on the limit. I have heard the sound boom that show the tower is destroy and the screen have shake. I ask them to fix this at 100%. I have lost huge pearls rewards because I have finish Rank 44 because the idiot behind the monitor have argue with me and answer me : I have check in the system and find no issues you have left 1 tower’’ Look I don’t care what you think or what your fucking ■■■■■■ systems have say. I have do video on the moment that happened I have the proof that was a bug. its the kind of stuffs Flare need to fix and improve. the way Support give you answer

About support in game you have huge improve to do. when you do a maintenance you should give us a compensation each time like 20 gems and 500 pearls. and send us a log in the game like a letter. ‘’ We are sorry for this inconvenient and we will give you this rewards’’ 

each company I have play give rewards after each maintenance.

When a bug happen and its your fault again you should give us like 100 gems and 500 pearls. Its your responsibility to do it

Each company give rewards for maintenance,bugs,problem,etc… why not you? so cheap? Only your company don’t have understand all of this is only virtual stuffs and not real so you should donate a lot of them to apologies when something happen

5.Nothing to say

6.For give event info its ok in official announcement. for the rest its pitiful like hell. its your responsibility to assign someone who can answer each topic and each player on this forum. Neglect this forum,facebook,Twitter or anything else will put your reputation down fast like they up

So this week design someone of your team who can answer everyone

If you follow this maybe your chance to survive will up a little and the next poll will be more positive


The contact I had with support was excellent. Very friendly in getting my account back

Yeah for retrieve account back its ok but for the rest…not really

They weren’t what I would call friendly when I wanted my gems back. They didn’t even reply. Only with an automated mesasge

Exactly. if you lost your account its ok they take time to answer and help you to retrieve and give you back your account. I lost mine 1 time and retrieve it with their help but for the rest. Not really great. We are answer by a robot or people who don’t really want to work for Flare. You know the kind of person who work at McDonald but wanted to work at IBM lol. its close that. We feel the person who work in support team don’t like their job and its obvious 

I would love to be in the support team

All depend if the boss don’t allow you to be great or yourself. Maybe you would not like that work there. We don’t know how Flare treat their employee but seem bad. Alysea was fire and CaptainMorgan don’t speak anymore. So what the boss do to them? not sure if its really great to work there honestly. something wrong happen there. Really hard to believe its the joy and fun there by what we expect on forum. Maybe not that. no one can be sure. I can have wrong on all the line.

For the last 2 questions, someone like Alysea/Aether (you can find her profile here) could improve the rating.

In the last 2 weeks, I think I wrote all my ideas in the topic “I wish …” (read here or below).

NikkoArchimedesflaretaraLisaFlothabossPaste, when will the next update be released? In this month I think I can adjust my ideas.

Nice to see community are mostly accept FLARE work)

The important thing we see here is that a new Community Manager is badly missed and the fixing of the bugs is not good enough.

Also the rating of the improvement of old features really can not be called good. So, there is no reason for Flaregames and Keen Flare to take a rest.

Mostly players voted- all is fine.

for me its truth. There are some problems, but they will fix it

rating of the improvement of old feutures is

31 voted- all is fine

19 voted- no fine here.

so mostly( like 62% voted YES)

Cromka, you have a history of misinterpreting things, especially polls.
We might also call it selective perception, if you like that better.
With the Toxic Cloud you even used wrong numbers to suit your opinion, as I remember.

So, I will not waste time and discuss that with you.

Its just a mathematics, mostly vote for - they think all fine.

you can try skip it, but…



I’m sorry, but after Christmas holidays I was busy and I hadn’t enough time to adjust my ideas (see here or below).


@GalaMorgane, when will the next update be released (excluding the updates which correct bugs only)?