New years resolution

I realized that new years is coming up and I notice no one created a topic about this, and I was interested in asking everyone, what’s your new years resolution? Don’t be shy?:slight_smile:

in the new year I hope my alliance continues to grow and I get all new pieces of equipment for my king! :stuck_out_tongue:


oh and get mummy level 4 :open_mouth:

New year resolution:

to laugh a little louder,

to smile a little bigger,

to love a little deeper,

and walk through life a little slower.


For my Kingdom to grow stronger and better, and to have more gems dropper! :slight_smile:

to have more golds to loot and to share  :wink:

No new year resolution here.

If I want to change something then I do it. There’s no need for a new year for this.


Having some resolutions only because it’s new year while already knowing that you probably won’t keep them. That “new year resolution”-stuff is most likely the biggest lie-to-yourself-habit ever invented…

Then what are you planning to change mjbe?


If you really want to know, just reread my previous post.


Maybe you have to read a little bit further than the last time you saw it. Well, I understand that it may be hard for you to read a lot of text, but you will have to read it until the very first sentence! Just try to do your best and maybe you’ll get that far…

I’m not a big fan of reading, but if you say so, fine


Edit: I still cant find it, and so I don’t care now

@ mjbe actually maybe you should be more careful and read everything atlas wrote. he didn’t ask for your new years resolution he just wanted to know if you were planning on changing anything since apparently you don’t do new year resolutions

As new years resolution means planning to change something, no new years resolution means not planning to change anything.

If I had seen the need for any changes, I would already have changed it! Would seem useless to wait for new year to do so…

dood I don’t think u understand the concept of new years resolution. its not like when 2moro rolls around Im gonna completely change who I am or what I do


new years resolutions is more like setting a goal to look back at in another 12 months


setting goals is a very responsible and sensible thing to do as it gives you that extra incentive

It’s the same with goals: Why on new year?

If there’s a goal to be set you can (and should!) do it any time and don’t need to wait for new year.

I wouldn’t want to limit myself to only doing that once a year…

still can share what you will or are going to change, doesn’t have to be for new years, and lets not fill the topic with" why on new year":smiley:

“Arguing less and loving more.” 

i want to finish college… too many years 

that’s true, that’s why your at my castle gate right florian


@lautsprecher: I wish you luck, but im sure you wont need it

@ heroesflorian ya I was gonna keep going but this is a much better idea :wink:

Happy New years!!! :wink:

wooooooooooo 2015!!!


hopefully this year brings well-being to all!

Thanks… Good luck is always welcome…