Newbie in game

Hi guys, I started this game some days ago and I want to learn everything I need to grow up in the correct way.
I’m a “newbie” in this game but I’ve been playing online PC games since 15 years, so at least I learn quickly.
I can also pay a lot in game so my question is about what is the most important thing to shop for first and generally what kind of structure I have to upgrade first.
What kind of bonuses I have to prefer for example etc.
Every suggestion will be nice for me.


I saw it was possible to play with PC too, how is it possible?

You can watch Flothaboss youtube channel and Pellez youtube channel. I suggest also Flaregames youtube channel (in particularly the sections “All about Royal Revolt 2” and “Royal Revolt in a minute”).


You can visit this page for more details information:


Join an alliance that have elite boost (at least knight) and choose troops that have elite boost activated in that alliance for your attack troops.

Don’t waste your gems for something other than buy 3rd troop slot, buy 3rd spell slot, 3rd workers upgrade Alliance Tower, and buy Blacksmith forge slots. And do that when there’s discount event (just like right now).

If you want to participate in Pro League asap then you can focus on your Throne Room first (level 10)

Focus upgrade your 3 main troops and 3 main spell first.

Don’t forget to build your defense to prevent raiders.

Welcome to the Community and Good Luck! ?

What is your ign.?