next alliance party?

When is next one? Last one was over 2 months ago.

Yeah it’s time we had another alliance party, especially that the Christmas season is on. I’m at 800 gems and another such event will help me upgrade rightaway and save my precious… 200 gems :grinning:

Two months not, but 1 exactly. Also more events they will invent/create, more the loop to have the event you like will take time. ^^

Well that dashes my hopes to the ground :slightly_frowning_face:

You are right! When is next one? Anyone?

Until now we had almost 1 event every week but this can skip if there are other important things (updates for example).

A lot of people should be waiting for the alliance party weekend now! Only if there was a way to know when it ll be!!

I started upgrading my alliance tower an hour ago so it better not be soon!


I m sure it won’t happen soon as flare not being greedy is an event that only happens once in 400 years!! :slight_smile:

Aether any thoughts?

Surely won’t happen before the new year. So… see you next year  :wink:

Aether why you do not want to be my friend?

I don’t know how u figured this question would go here!!

Though u can make a good(but separate) topic out of it, if u want to troll…

To troll how come.Would be nice that she say something about this topic. Like I do not know or I am not fammmiliar with the alliance party.Seems to be that you are acting like protector of Aether?



I was on vacation until today :grinning:

As I said in some other topics, I don’t have any information about when this event will happen next.

When we have the information, we announce it on the forums as well as on facebook.

Thank you.

Thank you.

It’s been over a month, I have high hopes that after the Christmas Event is over, we have Alliancill we Tower Party. My hands are getting itchy with all the gems I have, please let the next event be Alliance Tower Party! 

I need this :slightly_frowning_face: